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I was born and grew up in a poor country. 15 years old, I dropped out of school in his vocational school auto repair. Two years later, though the peers still to school promiscuity, I support myself and dream to open a garage of his own. rapid training and I became famous craftsmen . Automotive repair job was so "hot" with his skill, I make a lot of money. Only one point in my undesirable, it is instead lover like changing clothes. Said is true love but out of them all is the girl child truancy wealthy house out, Joneses and very bland. No one really makes me vibrate, they also know that in turn offered me before. How well does not really matter, anyway I only go to them for relief. biological brother and I opened the workshop. Workshops in the name of his client should only know me is 1 roofer rare. English is our brother but different from thinking, how to eat to live, we often conflict. How much I earn, I spend wasting away, then dissipated, how girls. Do not know how many girls have come to me and cursed me, " life will not know what is true love " . I just smiled faintly said, she would not be enough for my faith and love . Honestly, 30 years old, the school is also very bold but I know I do not really love. Maybe because making money too soon nobody should arrest me become damaged so. then my brother got married. His wife is an ordinary girl, simple, at first glance did not like about the normal appearance. She brought a great sin, it is a sin so I despise the poor.

As the school should hand she never said to me, though I be rude in front of him. I fear she will acquire all the wealth of money my brother and I would be nothing so I'm always looking for ways to oppose her. Moreover, my family does not much like she should have pressed my brother my cup for a workshop to my own freedom to do business and trade.
The pressure of the family, though very difficult, I have also put all capital take for me to break down.I threw her a look of triumph: "I thought she was at what, in my eyes, I am the best. whose father is nothing "- That's what I want her to know. So I boss. When really, I know, have a deal with things so difficult? From what to eat at his workers, from the book will record how science, understandable.come. Sure to see my skill and do things not right? But no, she handed me the book which is available in forms and gently said: "She gave me this little book I write each daily job content, income and expenditure, debt, wage workers, and imported goods to the end of the month details of how the profits and how much debt exists. " See I did not even glanced, she continued : "I'm at the table now. Ms. about this" . "About one wants to keep them, claiming she with anyone? Dinh advantage of this opportunity to make friends with I'm sure, far from home," I thought in the abdomen. machine with my boyfriend, she also volunteered to help me, of course accounting for the workshop. So I agreed to choose a child as I was having one of my knit work. I felt so attentive, meals in workshops and books to me very carefully. But only a few days, then you probably feel about me, my financial management is like my leg ... but that does not work should begin now I worry, tomorrow I, two of my workers, no dinner hungry because nobody logistics. He pulled down his shop boy I ate always, until now rejoin. She looks real good, to make friends with me, she raised a dozen workers to me. Was all right. I think so. A year later, his turn. Reduce factory worker, she was a baby, he called me back and said: "You do it, care for brothers worker, I do not worry for you forever" . I glared her softly. From back down, because life is not regular, irregular eating my attitude downs so you'd get discouraged, frustrated by a female boss more than his workers should I left out. One is to do with my brother, and the other to another workshop. The best confidante before going to tell me: "T. (his wife's name) as well. She is not only good to you under workers but also good for you in this factory worker. honest , we want to give him a long time ago but she kept us help you. " You go all workers. I neglect this work for a long time and could not hold out for more.Bankruptcy. I have no place to go, back to the studio with my brother. Faced with scrutinizing eyes of the people, I'm afraid. My brother has been able to, insulted me badly.

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My sister-in-law always fresh and treated very well with people (Artwork)
Boredom, I started a parasite, on my bed, the night I go out during night light. Mechanic in the workshop my brother looked contempt. T, on the other hand (she was less than I was 4 years old so I only claim not call her name), she cook called me up to eat, I do not get up, she had to share.But when I got home to debt, I thought she would pay for me, to be sure because she wanted to please me. But no, the first time I saw T so loudly: " Who then his debts. Next time you do not have to open his mouth to mine, otherwise you will not be respected " . So I got up ... a long time ago, today I turned up in the middle of the day like this. I do not know what to do should lie down. But today, I have pointed out the next day I will have to do. I talk seriously with his brother and offered to apply for a salaried worker. From here, in the same house with T, so I understand her better. T has a sister, two children with me. As long, the more I see her dress. I called T and profess my sister because she deserves to be treated well. Increasingly, I see T is a different woman, not like any girl I've ever used. And my heart began to tamper with that before, I've never had any daughters. I opened a private studio. This time I opened the studio for determining career for themselves, not as the last time due to aggressive. Now she is our bridge to the two brothers reconciled. My brother told her to do the accounting for me. So every day, you send your child to school and then to shop for me, neat, clean, clear books, plus a sense of my work I should wind up as the cashew met.

I work hard, I do not go out that learning more computers and foreign languages. Seeing me like that, the she my boyfriend initiative back. I for what they already love, but now they see me to "catch put to them," the more I see how they did.
34 years old, now I'm not really rich, but the property is also decent. Looks like I played by girls GU much too to my heaven penalty or did until now, see a girl, I do not feel anything. I was very young sister-in-law. Family life with my brother happy to see her always cheerful, energetic and very good with people. I have completely changed the way to treat her. I'm just annoyed with you especially if you would allow me a little early or late for work because I used to see her then, her absence I feel very empty.

Some day she first told late because you are sick. Know that I'm sorry for bowel rest, stand up sit down like fire. When she arrived, I growled: "Why now just to "startle everyone turned to look at because of my unusual behavior. I felt very scared ... Sometimes I do not understand why? One day, there her boyfriend eagerly came to me. Just arrived at the studio, I saw sister-in-law sat drinking her water phase. Eyes saw it, I had the opportunity to compare the two women together. Indeed, standing next to another woman, my sister-in-law more prominent. My boyfriend her golden hair, black hair, my makeup, you can just point a little bowl that only see subtle, my boyfriend skirts, trendy clothing line, and she was discreet clothing. Inner qualities, she had to machine new life again eligible to stand near her.

I gander it, just watching her. My heart arrhythmia. She is my sister? I tried calmly into the room. I pretend with her ​​feelings, her remains is to see but I still watched her face. She smiled and gently closed the door. At the same time, I let go of her boyfriend, looking as she did not leave ... Who would have thought, I'm new at age 34 that the vibrations actually before a daughter, a sister-in-law, my first love. She came and told my brother to go abroad for a while, you have to look rickets. " I do not come back anymore, you find someone to help!. " She's gone, I looked everywhere to see her silhouette. Glued to her seat ride to work, I remember she turned intolerable ... So I get to play with her ​​grandchildren to be seen. She still is! But she seemed to remember his eyes seemed a bit sad.I put my hand to touch her ​​shoulder ... but I'm afraid ... I could not do it. I can not let you know my feelings. I'm afraid you will despise me ... And until now, I understand why you're so passionate she? I lonely hours in the factory. Was the confidante was, he said: "Every person born is intended for one person. What do you do to 2 brothers lost love. Please stop " . I had to stop. Right. Why does a man like my daughter missing woman, still chasing me, sir, why have you I know vibrations, miss? At night, I remember she turned intolerable, I know all ... know the feeling I have is love.

As her mind frantically, I alone run during the night. I shout: "T, I love you" ... and then the footsteps stopped in front of my house. My brother, my sister-in-law to teach ... price as she is another person, not his wife at all costs I must win her heart. Seeing my mature, stable work, whooping troubled parents urged me to get married. Formerly hated her mother, so that now it told me to " choose his wife as he did ". Hear me, I more pity ... I chose to leave because they can not look straight into the eyes of her holiness. I hurt, broken heart ... Everyone wondered why I was doing that prosperity back to the entire workshop for managers? But silent I go to would one day return, I will not forget you. I came up with the other girl, full of her beautiful and very stylish. There are people who come to me for money, there are people who love me truly but in the end, I had to spare them. Before, I could go to bed with her ​​any time but since I know how to love, but remember, I do not do that anymore ... In I filled her shadow. Now I know is she beautiful, her beauty in the person of that mediocrity as I never before realized. Almost two years have passed, I can not forget her, I decided to return to . And surprise when she opened the door. Losing control of my heart, I hugged her. My brother tinge of awe, but because he thought that our sisters so close that I could do, and she would also think because I'm too emotional moment. I used the excuse of living in the studio with you any facilities to move back in with you. I just want to see you regularly, to help you busy when you are eating the same dish with her. But see my brother, I feel guilty ... I do not do that to my brother. She deserves to be happy with him, and I'm just miserable guys. I return to the studio. Near her without her feeling my heart shattered. In addition I also have a girl has to do accounting, her so hard, my love, but I can not .... If the former, then I would definitely take advantage of his love to go to bed with her ​​but now it is different. Man instincts urged me to find her and just see my sister is very happy! While I sit writing this is my 37th birthday is approaching. I will keep this love forever for me. Including me - my first love. I will never ever have a man on glossy still watching me. Wishing you happy! Would smile forever reign on your lips. 
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