Monday, June 25, 2012

Love's former director Quang Hai is finally achieved his dream of becoming the first supermodel, despite whispers talk about the result was placement of public opinion.

Is prominent throughout the five sections of the journey examination Supermodel Vietnam 2012 , Nguyen Phuong Mai girls with boys Huu Long received the gold quite convincing. Prior to the playground, Phuong Mai each competition the top 10 Asian supermodel, top 15 Miss Vietnam World .Besides, she was chosen as the face of competition for Vietnam in the look of the Year in Italy and have pretty solid foothold in the sample villages. Because of this outstanding achievement, many argue that Phuong Mai have been promising or ordering a new awards, the supermodel confirmed, Vietnam.
However, even when holding gold prize in hand, they share a heartfelt way about rumors of public opinion: "I do not care about the rumors of the public. Absolutely no promises about the organizers prize that I could take the exam. Many people believe that and my supermodel is already master of success but I personally think its the copper or silver has been pretty good. When be named Gold Award, I was so happy should have cried. "
Phuong Mai is also revealed for the first time she spent much time and effort for a contest like this.During five months, she not only fitness, diet to keep in shape but also exercise regularly learn to acting on stage to get the best performance. Phuong Mai said confidently: "I believe the award will be the first step of a long and far for me on my career path."
Look at the ups and downs of competition throughout Phuong Mai Vietnam Supermodel 2012 :
On 10/5, which appears in the preliminary round, Phuong Mai quickly impressed the jury as well as other candidates by the standard form with bright smile and a confident step, rugged on the catwalk.
Besides, Phuong Mai also make viewers stunned by behavior, smart repartee and his nimble.Eventually, she became the best candidates qualifying round and was exceptional in the final straight.
When asked about participation in this contest, Phuong Mai frankly said: "Many people thought it went international competition need not implement the pageants, models in the water. I personally find Per contest rules and different properties. Back then, I take the examAsian supermodel is due to an accident. In Vietnam Supermodel is a long time but I would love to date I have full confident enough to take the exam. I think Vietnam is a model that does not take the test Supermodel Vietnam is so flawed. "
15/5, when to try out evening gown, Phuong Mai choose a long dress brings color light green, cool. Road cut the front of the impressive dress made her move easier on the catwalk and showing ingenuity of his long thin legs.
However, according to some, the performance of Phuong Mai gowns not impressed and fascinated by the show in the preliminary round.
On 17/5, the best face of supermodel finalists were in Vietnam Phan Rang to start bikini contest. Phuong Mai is one of the candidates attracted much attention, most attention by the confidence and its dynamic.
Even though she was rolling around under the burning sun of the coastal cities but Phuong Mai always smile brightly. She is also confident to share their thoughts and their views before any tough questions of the jury as well as BTC.
When asked to make a lot of artistic bikini shape and personality, Phuong Mai quickly turned into a cold female assassin in a black bikini with mesh pants all.
Today 31/5, 28 candidates for the final round Supermodel Vietnam 2012 is adding a new challenge with dance sport. Each participant can select a favorite to dance on stage funding and Phuong Mai "dot" belly-dance - belly dancing.
Although straight Top 10 in the finale but the girl born in 1990 is still very hard. Do not hide the worry, anxiety, Phuong Mai frankly: "Prior to now I only take place and take pictures only, do not know anything about dance should also worry a bit nervous." But when the music spoke, as she turns into a completely different person: flexible, attractive and sexy to be true.
In early June when the contest appeared in handling the situation, Phuong Mai once again proves his bravery when on stage. She not only makes the audience and jury for serving retail center by acting true, partly natural, but also affirmed its personality while juggling actor Dai Nghia.
In this short skits, Phuong Mai transformed into a young girl to ask a secretary but was Dai Nghia solicited sex for money exchange. But finally with this smart, alert, Phuong Mai has made strange man's desire to directors Welcome lose.
In the finale Supermodel Vietnam today 24/6, Phuong Mai attracted more viewers when the dress is embroidered with a dragon unique.
In the evening gown competition, Phuong Mai to wear a dress quite cumbersome and difficult to travel, with very thick lining under the skirt, but she is confident to carry out the execution of his good
Whether in any content, she always shows the image of a professional model, confident, full of life.
Even journalist Nguyen Cong Khe - a member of the jury - not praise her with outstanding talent "as a professional dancer."
The moment crowned filled with many tears and smiles of happiness together Phuong Mai Huu Long.


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