Monday, June 25, 2012

Having been enrolled contests, "battle" in many modeling competition, but Phuong Mai wants himself admits to reap more titles in the profession.

Phuong Mai said she always tried our best for each job
- Can you share something about your feelings now?
- I must say is very happy, I could not believe his good luck to the presence of the 28 contestants step on stage in the finale and finally also won the top prize. Before the finale began, in fact I do not avoid a little worried, nervous and secretly wished to be the winner (laughs).
- The first thing you do when you become a supermodel What is Vietnam?
- I ... laugh. Happy smile too!
- There is anxiety, there is hope, so the night before the test, do you think you will win the gold?
- It is difficult to say anything. Furthermore, I am also not afraid to speak before the step should not dare to think through what is too deep.
- Throughout this contest, the name Phuong Mai is highly appreciated. Most articles about Vietnam Super Model 2012 will start with "this Phuong Mai, Phuong Mai that there" ... It is there to pressure you?
- First, I want to thank, thank you to the reporters he was putting much faith, love on me in this contest. Besides, I must confess is not faced with less pressure. I do not want to disappoint people around me. Moreover, I myself do not want to fail.
- She has been active in the field of fashion, the catwalk for many years before entering this contest.Many people said she ... "On" the other contestants ...
- (Laughs) Maybe people should review the terms of this competition only. This is not Vietnam's Next Top Model for girls is not a model, cherishes his dream of becoming a real model. Supermodel Vietnam is a playground for those who have experience and want to become a new generation of supermodels.Phuong Mai not only that all the contestants of this contest were modeled. We differ only in time and with work experience only. They may appear on the report less than I like certain people and not pay attention to the newly created feels like she just said. 
- Last year, she participated in beauty contests and failed. Moreover, before the competition, the press also mentioned many times the name Phuong Mai as a supermodel. We can say the name but she had not already own throne. By participating in this contest, she did not fear the public will own over-eager speculation and fame star awards?
- The power of man is always trying to make his life better, in so doing will help the people around and the good society, more complete. And to me, if not greedy people will never be development or growth.I do not deny yourself ... greedy (laughs). I want to reap as much success as possible to their own lives better, brighter.
Besides, we organize competitions and encourage people like me to participate. So why do I have to refuse shaking his head? Everything I want is to have a nice life, and meaning only.
- She had many times expressed his artistic dream turns into Saturday. To date, plans that came true?
- I have never dared to say that I will step into the cinema. Because to appear in a movie, his acting skills to have and lots more. But just to say that Saturday is art I've done all right. To date, my art baggage is not really heavy but had a few roles on television. After this contest, I will participate in a movie again.
- Back to reiterate the words "greed" here. Just want to model the movie, if you have to accomplish everything?
- Where Not greedy too (laughs)! I simply want a hardworking bees in the hive this big time. Joined the entertainment industry not only in Vietnam but all over the world, artists are the bees hard to devote as much as possible.
- Currently, in particular modeling and showbiz in general quite chaotic. Have you ever scared and want to leave this world?
- The world is chaos. From the moment is formed, the world is chaos and so far, I think it's only bigger and never stop. Is that what the chaos before him, her fear enough to flee to ... Mars star live alone? If one day I stopped walking because it is public, the audience said that they did not want to see Phuong Mai anymore so I had to retreat alone.
Appear regularly Nathan Lee, but Phuong Mai denies affair with him
- More than a year, much to remind the public relations of Phuong Mai and Nathan Lee, but eventually people will not understand exists between two people love like?
- We are best friends. Lee I, and he was never ambiguous love story of two children at all. In interviews, many times we talk straight, tell the truth about this relationship. But if people think we keep it with implicit ... shelf anyone, we do not care (laugh).
- In her eyes, Lee is the man like?
- This is a great brother (laughs)! He's good but also very difficult. I do not live near his parents should care for me much Lee. He's exactly my father was always telling me many things or the bad in my daily life.
- A good man like that, why do not you think about love child?
- Never, never ... He said that he is the father, why have affair here? Just thinking of loved ones have found a ... shudder (laugh).
- But the intimacy of two people may well not affect the thinking of her boyfriend?
- Any boyfriend? I told my children have a boyfriend yet?
- She frequently show a beaming smile, bright but it is said, when asked, women love to laugh ...
- I still joke that when her parents named her daughter "Mai" is even no English but by fate, gave her a half smile - half of the "smile" it. So there is no reason to make her not smile real life around him happy, thrilled over. I always laugh though in any case not wait laugh at the new fullness.


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