Monday, June 25, 2012

May not the time between the years of booming mobile market, however, a lot of record, the ones still most established manufacturers in Vietnam.

Smartphone waterproof world's thinnest
Waterproof slimmest Smartphone in the world.
Phone, camera, water-resistant, dust no longer carry the look rough, uncouth anymore. Among them, Panasonic Eluga features a thickness of only 7.8 mm, 4.3-inch OLED screen and can be soaked in water for 30 minutes or 8 hours buried in sand without damage. If they go back to Vietnam, this smartphone is expected to cost up to 15 million.
Prices dropped the most powerful Smartphone
New semi-official in Vietnam for over a month back, but HTC One X to fall into constant fell from nearly 16 million to 11.5 million.
HTC X One survey said.
The move is seen as a losing debut of HTC X One in Vietnam, but also seems to have somewhat anticipated, since previous complaints about its battery performance is also a barrier for product sales.
One X next to HTC, Nokia N9 products, Nokia Lumia 800 also saw significant discounts around the landmark 10 million, although these products have always been sold with great promotions.
Most powerful smartphone configuration
Samsung Galaxy S3 ownership structure is stronger and more intelligent features.
Although still controversial among users HTC Galaxy One X and S3. However, after three reviews GSM Arena test done by Quadrant, SunSpider, BrowserMark with completely skew the results toward the Galaxy S3, No. 1 on hard performance may not be given to representatives from South Korea .
The unit is sold at nearly 16 million.
Samsung S3 own Galaxy configuration is considered the most powerful in the present time, with four of Cortex A9 CPU 1.4 GHz, Mali 400MP graphics chip, 1GB of RAM. This configuration recorded a record of over 5600 points Quadrant. Also, the machine is equipped with 4.8-inch screen, 8 megapixel camera and internal memory of up to 64 GB, with nearly 16 million.
Currently, machines are being sold in Vietnam with over 15.5 million contract price together with promotion.
Smartphone is equipped with the most powerful at the lowest price
The new Android smartphone market participants in recent times, but the Thunder Sky Skyphone B79 is its focus the most attention. Machines equipped with ARM V7 processor chip running at up to ~ 2GHz, 512MB RAM with ROM to 2.3 GB. Given its ability to handle all of the worst games and applications designed for the Android, but also by its users rather strange to be announced price when the market is only 4.5 million.
Equipped with 4.3 inch screen ultra-fine 540 x 960 pixels, side glass, 8.0-megapixel camera support autofocus, front camera supports 3G video calling, video chat Skype.
Sky Thunder B79 users can upgrade to 4.0 in summer this year is also a point that users are excited by Android 4.0 is a completely new interface and high customization abilities.


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