Thursday, June 21, 2012

 The exhibition brings together more this year and dedicated truck next to a passenger car models from Nissan and Geely.

 A number of Geely cars in Vietnam AutoExpo 2012 as SC7, SX7 or TX4.
Exhibition and International Conference on the 9th of Transportation and Supporting Industries - Vietmam AutoExpo 2012 has officially opened this morning (21/6) at the Giang Vo Exhibition Centre, Hanoi. The exhibition is organized in the context of the general economy is difficult, therefore, producers and automotive business expected through the exhibition, the state management agencies, businesses will find a common voice in removing difficulties for businesses.
The three main exhibition areas at the show this year is the kind of transportation, the industry sector in supporting and related fields.
In areas exhibiting the kind of vehicles, trucks, buses, motorcycles, motorbikes, bicycles and a dedicated car from Tata Daewoo, Hyundai. Junjin, Shacman, Hanamotor ... overwhelmingly, while only a few cars travel.
If Vietnam AutoExpo in the exhibition last year saw the launch of a new vehicle of major brands such as Audi, Renault or Land Rover, this year the central area of ​​the exhibition is the second largest Nissan dealer Ha Dong and commercial joint-stock company with the GX668 Kylin-Navara cars such as 2012, two-door sports car 370Z, Geely CS7, SC3 or SX7.

Nissan 370Z sports car on display at the Vietnam AutoExpo 2012.
In the two remaining areas of the exhibition industry is ancillary and related services, this year's exhibition attracted many companies and enterprises in manufacturing components and accessories for the manufacturing sector, manufacturing and automotive assembly. Nearly 200 booths displaying the auxiliary products such as Bosch, Duy Linh Auto Falken or were present at the exhibition.
Although held in the context of economic difficulties, but this time Vietnam AutoExpo is expected to support enterprises, stimulate the market, create more business opportunities and enhance trade promotion.



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