Friday, June 22, 2012

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Convertible is truly a "beast" on the road runs straight to the roar emitted from the engine and exhaust, but it will also pay attention to it adds a Again with the ability to start a golf ball flying at the speed of 192 km / h.

It may sound strange, but Mercedes-Benz has set a new world record for "longest golf shot caught by a car." According to Mercedes, the car caught the golf ball as it flew about 275 m from the starting line. Monitor set the record made by David Coulthard, the AMG brand ambassador, and professional golfer Jake Shepherd.
Implementation process is described simply as follows: Shepherd will strike a golf ball from the starting point, Coulthard at the same time control the SLS AMG Convertible in a straight line to chase golf balls. Of course, the catch short a golf ball flying at speeds up to 192 km / h while maintaining the safety car driver running at about 285 km / h is not an easy thing. Finally, a new world record has been established.

Clip set the record process


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