Wednesday, June 20, 2012

 Maybe this is the only place in the world, users have the opportunity to own a car identical Lamborghini Reventon ($ 1.4 million) for $ 45,000.

Clip Lamborghini Reventon clone running on the streets of Mexico.
Established not long ago, workshop "fake" car is located in Tepatitlan, Mexico seems to be profitable with a series of Lamborghini and Ferrari wings full out on the floor.
Currently, a Lamborghini Reventon "clones" sold for $ 45,000, while a simulated car Ferrari 458 sold for $ 68,000. The whole body of the "super car clones" are made ​​of fiberglass, with the rear view mirror, shell motor threshold and center panel are simulations of genuine supercars.
Chassis design and engine of the car were not disclosed and it is not clear, the clones driving a car on the street have been considered illegal in Mexico. Earlier, a man in China has also built a Lamborghini Reventon clone, but was arrested soon after by police down the street this country.
Explore the "head office" of the garage "level" Lamborghini and Ferrari in Mexico:

Covers the Lamborghini Reventon and the Ferrari F40 on the floor.

The shell is made of very fine glass fiber, the shape of the real car.

The sharp lines familiar to millions of Lamborghini Reventon supercar.

Countless more than $ 40,000 ready to own a car exactly like this Reventon.

Lower chassis, the wheels nice bunkers.

This is probably the only place in the world "supercar" Ferrari 458 is more expensive than Lamborghini Reventon.



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