Friday, June 22, 2012

A veteran analyst of Wall Street revealed that Microsoft is working with hardware manufacturers to develop their own phones. This device will launch timed to coincide with the release of Windows Phone 8. If Rick Sherlund information is correct, the Surface table computer will not be the only hardware product in Microsoft's hands now.

"Microsoft intends to pursue the same strategy with Google is to develop both hardware and software for mobile phone series debut," Sherlund quoted a security source said. At this point, the software giant has been exposed to at least one original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to develop smartphone WP8.
However, it is unclear this is just a device nature of "reference" for hardware partners, or will be a Microsoft branded phone sold in the market, Sherlund said.

New beginning
This move by Microsoft - if true - would mark a completely new direction with the current mobile strategy firm. Until this time, Microsoft has ceded creative design and hardware partners, as long as the company adheres to a reference design and a list of the standards required by Microsoft's hardware threads out. Many experts fear that, if the hardware manufacturers themselves, will benefit balance tilted toward the Micorsoft. There will be many features the software supports only one hardware configuration that in addition to Microsoft, do not know any other partner.
For its part, Microsoft has more than one occasion to emphasize the benefits of "real" the design of both hardware and software.
"We believe that any interaction between humans and machines will always priority when all aspects of Vietnamese experience (both hardware and software) are taken into account," Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer announced so just before the couple announced earlier this week Surface tablet.
Experts predict the Sherlund also more noticeable by the time of publication. Just yesterday, Microsoft unveiled Windows Phone 8, the mobile operating system next firm, with five major hardware partners are Nokia, Samsung, Huawei, HTC and ZTE.


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