Wednesday, June 20, 2012

This is a protective shell cum mobile keyboard with beautiful design and technology used in pressure sensors, feels identical to the regular keyboard.

Touch Cover Case may be the secret weapon of Microsoft targeting business users market.
The West has a motto refers to the abnormal, which is "bringing a knife to gunfight." And it seems, Microsoft will apply this policy in the fight to Apple tablet PC market. They officially launched two 10.6-inch tablet PC model, called Surface , but the main weapon to help "bosses" software makes the difference may be an accessory: Touch Cover shells.

Cover Touch uses touch surface so thin as 3 mm, attached to the computer by connecting from. However, the touch technology used on these fittings are pressure-sensing technology, acceleration sensor, allows the user to feel the power press. When completed the keystrokes, it can be folded, turned into a protective shell normally.

They're confident that this will be Microsoft's secret weapon because it hit the weakest point of the iPad. Virtual keyboard is never the ideal solution for people wishing to use the tablet for the job. Meanwhile, the addition of keys usually only brings inconvenience and asynchronous.

First Microsoft Surface, only one tablet to create special effects on the market, which is Amazon Kindle Fire super cheap price $ 200. When launched, Surface immediately posted to the front page of most pages leading technology, along with a ton of comments on the forums. Even if the sale price and the product launch date has not been announced, it still created a good impression.

A special feature is that, users excited about this product not because things are familiar, such as RAM, chip, display or any other specifications that is because of its new features, a feature not tablet manufacturers to notice, it's a truly mobile keyboard.

Microsoft Surface launches in the event held in Los Angeles yesterday morning (19/6) with two models, one running Windows and one running Windows Pro RT. Both are equipped with USB port, microSD card slot and removable battery. It is not clear, peel Touch Cover will be released along with the machine or sold as external accessories.



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