Monday, June 25, 2012

Despite being immersed in the longer pole , Nokia has contributed to 2 on the list represents the hottest smartphone today, with the 900 and 808 PureView Lumia.

Top 5 smartphone hot nhất hè 2012
Video chat with experts in charge of Nokia 808 PureView production.
PureView 808 can not get much support from smartphone users, but camera technology 41 "dot" of it really has created a revolution that continues to guide. Very likely, in the near future, digital cameras will become the next victim of the smartphone thanks to new technology.
Most users are underestimating the Symbian operating system used by Belle after iOS or Android, but it's still very powerful, interface, home screen widgets and quite intuitive. In Vietnam, the camera phone is priced at 12.3 million.
Open boxes of Apple iPhone 4S.
Since its debut in 2007, when Apple's iPhone has not lost its attraction in the eyes of the user. Despite rivals like Samsung, HTC turn out a series of new models, Apple remained loyal to the criteria for a version each year.
In addition iOS friendly interface and easy to use, thanks to the iPhone 4S camera also records high quality, attractive application Siri, good waves (compared to iPhone 4) and excellent screen. Several months before the new iPhone release (expected in October), iPhone 4S remains in the top-selling smartphone in the world.
One experience HTC X - smartphone dubbed as "kings Android" at launch.
Not only the X One, the One Series (including One One S and V) are recorded and market highly. The first thing that users feel when held in a high-level smartphone HTC is certainly due to design monolithic polycarbonate.
To compete with rivals, this blockbuster interface is also equipped with the latest HTC Sense 4, 4.7 inch screen 720p HD resolution and new imaging technology, for high-speed shooting capabilities, shooting in lighting conditions are not favorable, even taken even while recording.
Clip hammer nailing up Nokia Lumia 900 to test durability.
Facing pressure from many sides, Nokia has decided to launch "gamble" Lumia 900. Although there are many other streams mixed opinion, undeniable Lumia 900 remains one of the best smartphones in the world today.
Windows Phone operating system has not provided a solid foothold, but the majority of users, you have a trial period of time, both for good response, because it's really different from the IOS and Android. In addition, users will soon be upgraded to Windows Mobile version 7.8, promises more compelling experiences.
Equipped with 4.3 inch AMOLED ClearBlack screen, camera 8 "dots" and single-core 1.4 GHz speed.
Samsung Galaxy S III is the hottest smartphones this summer.
Not surprisingly, the name is mentioned in this summer is the Samsung Galaxy S III. Echo which is partly due to the success of the "predecessor" Galaxy S II and smartphones "giant" Galaxy Note earlier.However, the main factor itself is from this blockbuster.
On the hardware side, this product is strong enough to compete with any powerful smartphone with any 4.8-inch super AMOLED screen resolution of 720p HD, 1GB RAM, quad core processor 1.4 GHz Exynos and speed camera 8 megapixels.
Besides, this phone is also equipped with smart technologies such as Smart Stay, always keep the screen light when in use, Direct Call allows calls to pick up near your ear when private message, or Voice S Siri competes directly with Apple. Galaxy S III has more than 15 million in Vietnam.


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