Friday, June 15, 2012

Property set pretty thin and light while holding, Android 2.3 operating system running smoothly, smart phones dual SIM G3 Sagetel two waves do not surprise many people touch the screen lightly.

G3 is Sagetel phones originating from France.

Sagetel G3 dual SIM smartphone that two waves of Sagem phone brand from France. It's designed four corners rounded, youthful and modern with size dimensions 121 x 64 x 12.25 (mm), weighing 120 grams, is quite mild compared to many smart phones today. The entire body is made of synthetic resin material monolithic, with dorsal surfaces are scratch-resistant coating. Phone models are designed to fit the handle, as well as put in his pocket jeans, bags in a neat and handy. Bo along the body, increase or decrease the volume keys are designed prolonged, mild and smooth, easily manipulated to increase or decrease the volume, even during conversation.
At the back, a 5 megapixel camera with flash light clusters are arranged on the short side of the camera body. Speakerphone long rods are also designed the back, next to Sagetel brand, create focal points for the back of the smartphone. Peel back the lid to the body associated with the splendid interior, prompting the user to separate the dexterity to peel back to add sim, battery and memory card.

Body small, lightweight and compact.
Sagetel G3 are arranged two SIM slots on the camera body, with a regular SIM slot, a SIM slot that supports 3G access separate, not to help users get confused and mistakenly attached avoid SIM. Card slot located on the block SIM slot, support up to 32GB memory cards.
Dual SIM Android phone of Sagem equipped 4-inch WVGA capacitive touchscreen is rated higher than the familiar brand on the market. Experience web surfing or playing games on a big screen easy to attract users. The text and images with high resolution pretty cool, crisp.
5 megapixel camera of Sagetel G3 does not disappoint users, while easily capture video in low light conditions, with the help of flash. 0.3-megapixel front camera also proved dominant when the picture is not too blurry. In particular, the machine also comes pre-installed software installed a video as wallpaper, allowing users to use the images recorded by the camera of your own to install the desktop video unique.

Sagetel G3 running Android 2.3.

G3 Sagetel property configuration includes MTK6573 chipset, 650MHz processor, 512MB of RAM. 512 MB of memory in the machine can be expanded up to 32 GB through an external memory card, help the users can easily access the applications installed from the repository diverse applications of the Android operating system, and easily store their information and data.
The device supports GSM bands 900/1800/850/1900 2G and 3G WCDMA 2100, allowing users to exploit the maximum interoperability information via 3G even in any position. Its battery capacity 1300 mAh, providing a long duration use. Even when running many different applications, as well as using 3G connection continuously throughout the day, maintaining Sagetel G3 running off a battery on the last day to about 10%.

Sagetel G3 supports two SIM two waves online.

Wi-Fi connection of Sagetel G3 stable, even in areas with weak Wi-Fi. G3 is Sagetel manufacturers care little good Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi with P2P software installed on your machine. Thus, G3 Sagetel easily become the "hub" for the Wi-Fi phones Wi-Fi connection weaker, and easily transfer data between the handset.
The Sagetel G3 is being marketed for $ 4.25 million contract.


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