Friday, June 22, 2012

Of course, that's not the usual yellow color that has been processed through the Bespoke department's Lamborghini, capable of sharp turn under sunlight.

Clip Lamborghini Aventador vàng óng ả trên phốFor over a year since launch , there were approximately 1,000 Aventador Lamborghini LP 700-4 to customers and among them, there's not a little yellow. However, the "super cow" yellow appears on the streets of Paris, France is not so simple.
Its owner, a young master of young Arabs, has its own set of Lamborghini Bespoke parts coated with a special outfit, capable of reclining dull yellow (Golden) to see light through a layer of powder special metals and "fresh" back under sunlight.

Clip Aventador strange yellow Lamborghini down the street.
Property crisis number plates 177 777, the engine power of 700 horsepower for the roar of a jet with conspicuous eyes, supercar Aventador has attracted all eyes of the pedestrians in "Sanctuary" by the supercar - Paris. Along with London (UK) and Monaco, Paris is the "keep cool" love of the Middle Eastern oil giants every summer on ..
Related Aventador Lamborghini, Lamborghini has recently announced it would boost production to reduce customer wait time when ordering vehicles to less than 12 months. Earlier, at the time of release in 3/2011, the waiting time to bring the car to the customer's garage is 18 months.
Currently, Lamborghini is able to place 600 units per year Aventador and if the client has $ 380,000 available to order, they must wait at least to May 6/2013 to experience this powerful car.


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