Monday, June 18, 2012

RIM's new OS owns many differences compared to the BlackBerry 7, nice interface and easy to use virtual keyboard.  

Turn from the inbox to read features on BlackBerry 10.
It was not until this fall, 10 new BlackBerry unveils officially, but recently, Crackberry , the leading information site for the BlackBerry faithful have posted the first images of the new operating system.
This is not the final version of the BlackBerry 10, but through the images posted, portraits of RIM's new operating system was revealed. From the home screen, virtual keyboard to the new player, BlackBerry 10 possesses many differences compared to previous versions of BlackBerry 7.

Virtual keyboard with word prediction feature.
While most previous BlackBerry devices are equipped with QWERTY keyboard, the first smartphone running BlackBerry 10 most likely will use the virtual keyboard instead. The virtual keyboard on the BlackBerry property features 10 predicted, while the player would probably be appealing most notable features that users want to explore.

A sad news for the believers is the RIM BlackBerry Announced 10 will not support BlackBerry smartphones running BlackBerry 7 now.

Colorful home screen running BlackBerry device 10.

Page application.

Jump from a status message to the inbox.

Message account.

Play music on BlackBerry 10.



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