Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"Super Deep" Flame can be the product of collaboration between the U.S. and Israel to gather intelligence about the nuclear program of Iran.

Virus may Flame is the product of the U.S. and Israel.
U.S. and Israel have embarked together developed a most complicated viruses ever, called Flame for the purpose of information gathering and attack Iran to slow its nuclear weapons development of the country, Washington Post quoted a Western officials are to be knowledgeable about the issue said.
This malware has quietly defined goals, computer network intrusion of Iran, sent back a large amount of important intelligence data, to prepare for a large-scale network attacks, the official anonymity said.
Virus Flame light came out in late May, after Iran discovered a series of cyber attacks against oil and gas industry in this country. Before that, there was little doubt that Washington played a certain role in the development of virus Flame, but not an official information confirmed that.
Last week, security experts found that this virus has many similarities with worm Stuxnet had plagued the Middle East in 2009. This reinforces the assumption that, Stuxnet and Flame has the same origin.
Flame is considered malware most dangerous ever been found. It is designed to overcome the barriers of the art security systems, managing daily activities of secret server and send data back to its creator.
The code of super-virus has the ability to activate the camera and microphone of the computer, monitor keyboard, screen capture, collect pictures, send and receive commands via Bluetooth.


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