Friday, June 15, 2012

(iSovann) - After Google and Apple, Microsoft will also be equipped with 3D maps for the operating system Windows Mobile Phone 8 Apolo, due out this end of June.

The device runs Windows 8 will be integrated 3D map of Nokia.

The battle on the map on the operating system is heated suddenly, after Apple dropped the decision to use Google Maps 3D map of their own on iOS 6 . Google itself has just released 3D mapping services integrated on devices running Android.

Next, turn to Microsoft is rumored to be transferred from Bing Maps to use Nokia's new maps, meaning that the devices running Windows Mobile 8 will be integrated 3D maps, voice directions without Internet connection required. If this comes true, this would be a major advantage compared to other Windows Mobile devices using Android and IOS.

Not only that, a source close to Microsoft has confirmed that Windows Mobile 8 will also feature built-in Skype, allowing users to answer calls with video mode phone has. Along with that, we believe that Windows Mobile 8 will support devices that use dual-core processor, instead of single core as Windows Phone 7.
The new mobile operating system of Microsoft most likely will be released at the conference of developers Windows Phone (Windows Mobile Developer Summit) held on 20/6 to. Once there, users will witness an intense competition than ever before between Windows Phone 8, IOS 6 of Apple and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean prepare the launch of Google.


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