Monday, June 25, 2012

As we increasingly rely more on smartphones, the battery life becomes a special concern.Location of PCMag know how long to share the iPhone's battery time.

A. Off as much notice as possible
For the old IOS version notifications (Notification) is one of the reasons leading to the depletion of the battery. When these messages are turned off, the standby time of up to several days, even when you turn the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or GPS. However, iOS 5 has a notification system is completely different. A slider at the top Android style will update notifications and rearrange them. When adding this functionality, Apple has removed the drop in the Setting notice, so we can not turn off all the messages with one another. However, we can turn the messages off the application without other important applications, such as message or Voicemail. In other words, we can turn your iPhone back to almost original, in which the notification call is automatically separated from the application notice.
To perform this function, select Settings => Notification, and select a given item (Phone, Message, Reminders) or an application (for example: Words With Friends, Zillow ...) then drag the "learning center message "(Notification Center) at the top to the off position. The less informed the waiting time will be longer. One note when performing actions on that we can change the message display. The message can and should be displayed in the alert window in the middle of the screen instead of at a new bar at the top.
Two. Turn off location services (Location Services)
You should also turn off location services. This is a good principle for maintaining the battery life of iPhone GPS apps that consume much energy. Go to Settings => Location Services and click on the On / Off button next to it to disable all location services. We can also disable this service by selecting specific application area below.
 3. Check email manually
The push message also consume a lot of battery power. We want to create an account to receive updates by hand (for example, when downloading an application) instead of installing a certain frequency mode or through "push". This should also apply to applications Facebook or Twitter. The new applications are made continuously will also consume a lot of battery power, even if we do not use them. In Settings => Mail, Contacts, Calendars => Fetch New Data, then drag the bar at the top Push to Off and set the status item status Fetch Manually (Manual).
4. Pay attention to your signal bars
If in poor reception areas for a long time, iPhone will increasingly try to capture more signal strength.This makes the battery run out faster. More specifically, if we for the iPhone in place of weak signals that do not use to it, the battery will drain more than half in just over 8 hours. For this case, you can not do anything but turn off the phone. Remember that poor reception is one of the causes of the iPhone battery depletion.
Five. Check for software updates
With the advent of iOS 5, you can check for updates for IOS operating system from the handset of his own (rather than using the USB cable and sync with iTunes) by going into Settings => General => Software Update.
6. Use battery-saving mode
In addition, the book could use a few simple ways to prolong battery life as reducing screen brightness, turn off Wi-Fi applications, Bluetooth ... Among the measures to save battery life, reduce the screen brightness is effective best. However, you will need to increase the screen brightness to see screen when outdoors Retina.
7. Using the reserve battery cover
Shell of the storage battery manufacturers such as Kensington, Mophie ... designed as a cover can help protect and prolong the battery life of the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S doubled. A reserve battery cover can vary in price around 70 USD (equivalent to 1.5 million). Also, you can also use additional equipment from the battery manufacturers like IOGEAR, Energizer, Sanyo or Mophie.


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