Friday, June 22, 2012

A client has sent straight to your Nokia CEO Stephen Elop of Microsoft and Steve Ballmer to find an explanation for the Lumia users can not upgrade to Windows Phone 8.

Lumia of Nokia smartphone users will not have the opportunity to experience Windows Phone 8 new launches. In Windows Phone Summit event took place yesterday morning (21/6), Microsoft has officially released OS Windows Mobile Phone 8 with many enhancements such as support attractive multi-core chip, interface improvements, 10 new IE browser and many other attractive features.
But the irony is that for users of Nokia smartphones Lumia, because they can not upgrade to the new operating system, to experience the new features mentioned above, according to the announcement from Microsoft.

Although Microsoft has been a move to placate public opinion by releasing Windows Mobile version 7.8, simulates many features of Windows Phone 8, it still can not bring satisfaction to the user.
He Luke, faithful Windows Phone from the new operating system was born, proved extremely disappointed by the above information. He recently "to life" with a 900 running Windows Mobile 7.5 Lumia not long ago but was at risk of using an outdated operating system.
Luke has decided to send a message to all of Nokia CEO Stephen Elop and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to find a satisfactory explanation. In the response letter sent back to Luke, CEO Stephen Elop said there are many attractive features on the upgrade, including a highly customizable interface much like the Windows Phone 8.

However, the responses that calm nature can not hide the fact that, Nokia and Microsoft have "turned" with former users (those using smartphone Lumia), a dark rider for manufacturers reputation in the world.
Experts said that the decision could cause Nokia has the more difficult by the misery of the Lumia sales may decline before serious action is discriminatory.

Clip experienced Windows Mobile 7.8 operating system on smartphones Lumia.


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