Friday, June 15, 2012

(iSovann) - Today (14/6), the Finnish handset maker has officially announced the sale of ultra-luxury brand Vertu phone for EQT VI fund based in Northern Europe.

Founded in 1998 by Nokia, phone brand Vertu is headquartered in the UK. Currently, more than 1,000 workers in its factories worldwide Vertu. Vertu is known luxury phone brand for sustainable development for many years and has taken the lead in this segment.
VI investment fund EQT holds about 90% stake in Vertu, only about 10% is owned by Nokia. The transfer took over Vertu will be done in a few months.

Vertu is an important part of Nokia. The Vertu phones are sharing the best technology from the Finnish handset maker in both hardware and software. Vertu's success was no small contribution to the success of Nokia.

Rumors of Nokia to sell Vertu appeared very long, but until today, the new company official confirmed that. Obviously, Nokia has focused on development plan smartphone runs Windows Mobile instead of Vertu.


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