Wednesday, June 20, 2012

At 22, Kristen Stewart beat all first sister to "honor" in this prestigious list of Forbes.

Today, 19/6, Forbes published a list of 10 actresses in Hollywood earn the most money. At 22, Kristen Stewart became the youngest star in the past 16 years of existence of this list.
Forbes figures provided are based on pre-paid, profits from films and endorsements of the actress in the period from May 5/2011 to 5/2012.
The list of 10 actresses the best money in the last year of Forbes:

Kristen Stewart - $ 34.5 million : In the period from May 5/2011 to 5/2012, Kristen Stewart any more money than any female colleagues. Most of the money that this beauty is from Twilight . In addition, her role in Snow White Snow White and the Huntsman also give Kristen a decent account. Besides, his relationship with Kristen's costar Robert Pattinson is also a favorite theme of the press.

Cameron Diaz - 34 million : Not a blockbuster but Bad teacher of Diaz also had great success last year. Just spend $ 20 million but the film grossed up to USD 216 million. It's huge profits to help Diaz "pocket" $ 34 million in 12 months.

Sandra Bullock - $ 25 million : The film's most recent Bullock - Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close - not very expensive hotel but the actress still loves manufacturers. Recently, Sandra Bullock and her adopted son Louis is also the favorite topics of the press.

Angelina Jolie - 20 million : 2 years, Angelina Jolie is not acting, but that also does not prevent the increase in the account of the beautiful. Most of the money comes from advertising contracts for major brands such as Louis Vuitton. Also, Angelina Jolie always get noticed anywhere. From May 5/2011 to 5/2012, Jolie appeared on the cover of the magazine 78.

Charlize Theron - 18 million : Young Adult last year grossed $ 23 million but make beautiful South African names appear again after many years of absence. As soon as Young Adult , Charlize also two "blockbuster" the other is Snow White and the Huntsman and Prometheus . In addition, this beautiful actress is also a favorite face of Dior ad.

Julia Roberts - $ 16 million in "Pretty Woman" has come of age struggling to get good roles. Although selective, but the movie by Julia Roberts in recent times do not get the results you want. Larry Crowne only earned $ 52 million. Mirror, mirror is better than the $ 135 million but the cost of production film also has up to 85 million.
Sarah Jessica Parker - 15 million dollars : I Do not Know How She Does It by Parker only achieve 30 million sales worldwide. However, this actress is due to earn decent drama Sex and the City. In addition, Parker is also a model for cosmetics maker Garnier hair care.
 Meryl Streep - $ 12 million : February last, Meryl Streep was Oscar has 3 in his career thanks to her role in Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher The Iron Lady . At age 62, Streep has an illustrious career.

Kristen Wiig - 12 million : Kristen is the face of rare television appearance on this list.

Jennifer Aniston - 11 million : Jennifer Aniston has two attractive comedy is Just go with it and Horrible Bosses . In addition, the beautiful actress is also due to media attention on the relationship with Justin Theroux - her costar in the film Wanderlust.



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