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In addition to the application of advanced technology to save fuel, reduce vehicle weight is a factor to be interested manufacturers, to bring the best fuel consumption for the their cars.

Improvements from each steel bar
Hyundai is a good example for the reduction of vehicle weight. Korean car company owned his own factory to produce steel research and development of new steel used to manufacture cars. Through research and innovation, the company's steel products always ensure that there are certain optimal weight.
Derek Joyce, a manager of Hyundai, said: "We are one of the few companies to produce steel products for your car. To produce a car complete, each piece of used vehicles are suitable for steel to minimize the total weight. Therefore, this is an important strategy for the development of Hyundai ".
2013 Santa Fe is very competitive weight by the application of the Hyundai steel products.
Currently, the other car makers are gradually switching from steel to use aluminum used to manufacture car parts. Aluminum is not only lighter, but it can also be recycled, and easily processed than steel.However, the disadvantage of aluminum is its higher cost of steel, therefore, primarily luxury cars will use more parts made from aluminum. For example, new Jaguar XJ sedan use all-aluminum chassis, to 66% lighter weight compared to steel frame. Not only Jaguar, Audi also uses this strategy on the A8 luxury car or super car like the R8 and many other luxury cars.
Weight reduction from the smallest details
In the mind of consumers, Mazda vehicle is always appreciated on the level of fuel consumption, especially when Mazda introduced Skyactiv technology. In marketing, this technology significantly improves the car's fuel consumption. The core point in Skyactiv is to use lightweight materials in vehicle manufacture.
Dave Coleman, who led the research project of Mazda, said the technology development team based on very simple thought is to reduce vehicle weight will reduce energy use, thereby reducing fuel consumption.
2013 Mazda CX-5.
However, Skyactiv not only focus on large parts of the body, but to each bolt is also a manufacturer with a volume reduction of at least 8 grams / unit. Sounds numbers are not nowhere, but on a car, the number of bolts to no end, this means a lot to reduce the total weight of the vehicle.
In addition, the vehicle technology development Skyactiv also equipped with engine block is much improved in volume. For example, Skyactiv-G engine used on the CX-5 parts and piston completely redesigned, with lighter weight. According to the parameters of the Mazda, this engine 10% lighter than normal, but provides greater torque, fuel consumption and produce less emissions.
Cut weight on both the hybrid
The weight reduction is also an important issue for hybrid vehicles or electric vehicles, due to the weight of the cars were outweighed by their own technology. Consumption of fuel pretty good hybrid Toyota Prius C is achieved mainly through the vehicle's light weight. Although equipped with both the gasoline engine, electric motor and battery of 144V, but by using high strength steel, the weight of the vehicle should only be around 1,100 kg, the average fuel consumption of 4.7 litres/100km .
C hybrid Toyota Prius.
A good choice for hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles that use lithium-ion battery, the advantages are smaller, lighter and stronger, although more expensive. New Honda Civic Hybrid application lithium-ion battery technology, the result is it a little stronger with 7 additional horsepower, while smaller and lighter than 33%.
Fuel economy but still feels comfortable driving
Even BMW is also looking for ways to reduce vehicle weight. The new model's current vendors are not equipped with spare tire. This seems quite dangerous, but BMW has effective alternative is to use run-flat tires. The advantage of this is to help car tires can move a considerable distance after a puncture.BMW said rubber tires is part of the principle of "Efficient Dynamics", which means increased fuel efficiency but still feels comfortable to drive.
BMW run-flat tires safer and also indirectly contribute to reducing vehicle weight.
In addition, BMW is also working to apply lightweight materials in its vehicles. Typically, using carbon fiber high strength (CFRP) is durable, but lightweight than steel or aluminum. This is the material used in Formula 1 racing car.
In recent years, BMW has used carbon fiber on a number of models branded as "M Performance", such as M6. Due to high costs, carbon fiber is used more often on the super food like Lexus LFA, McLaren MP4-12C and Lamborghini Aventador.
Weight loss to sports
Lightweight body allows manufacturers have a wide choice of engines more fuel efficient. Can see this in the Ford vehicle, equipped with EcoBoost engine, turbocharged, direct injection has changed from the engine block using a 6 or 8 cylinder engine with only the 4-cylinder, while maintaining the strength of the car.
Scion FR-S is a typical example for a sports car style with light weight.
In the case of the Scion FR-S, it only weighs about 45 kg heavier than the sub-compact car line. The car is equipped with a 2.0-liter engine produced 200 horsepower. This parameter really unimpressive, however, thanks to the detailed cuts on body weight, users can enjoy the feeling of a sports car nature.As with many other cars, Scion FR-S is made from lightweight materials and high strength steel, along with the electric drive system compact support. Also, FR-S hood made of aluminum to save weight and provide more sporty car.
In short, the principles are applicable manufacturers are oriented to the customer. For the benefit of the customer is always associated with the company's profits.


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