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Kim Tae Hee, Jung Yoo Mi, Kim Min Sun, Kim So Yeon,  Go Hyun Jung is the actress best known by the audience than the characters transform into many plots and tricks. 

Yoo Mi 1.Jung in Prince Rooftop
In the film, Se Joong Yoo Mi Na plays. If Park Ha (played by Han Ji Min) is to represent the gentle type character, holiness, Se Na is completely opposite. She is confident, ambitious and despite the tricks to achieve this goal.
Audience from file to file hate another, Se Na fulfill her role as consecutive thoughts, evil act after another for her sister meekly Park Ha.
Many viewers love this film, said: "My female Jung Yoo Mi has contributed to the success of the film."
Two. Kim Tae Hee of Stairway to Heaven
On my shoulders "reluctantly" Choi Ji Woo in the movie Stairway to Heaven , Yu-ri (Kim Tae Hee make vai) mother has expressed much the same plot to prevent the love of the two main characters are Choi Ji Woo Kwon Sang-woo together.
Although the details left by Yu-ri unfairly created for the female lead has much still monotonous, did not convince the viewer. But she portrayed the message the author wants to recommend the film.
Stairway to heaven marked the first time the presence of Kim Tae Hee on the small screen. And the film has brought many successes on the path to her acting later.
3.Kim Min Sun in glass shoes
As one of the actresses involved in mainstream film "common children - own children," Kim Min Sun with her face had impressed the audience could not hate more in the role Woo Seung Hee bad.
Thanks to the character played by Woo Seung Hee, her film career is more favorable. After the glass shoes , Kim Min Sun has the opportunity to join many other popular television series such as South Korea's Hyun Jung, My love, Lady and lumpen, Golden Age, Loveholic, Han River Ballad ...
4.Kim So Yeon in love in the morning
Huh Young Mi in the popular TV movie Love in the morning ( All about Eve ) is the prominent role of the evil woman, Kim So Yeon brought success when the film aired 10 years ago.
Born poor, always be subject to many suffering from alcoholic father plus strong character, determination made Huh Young Mi (Kim So Yeon) became the bad guys. She is constantly looking for ways to harm Sun Mi (Chae Rim plays) gentle, sacrificing friendship to achieve success for themselves.
This role has left the impression in the hearts of all the public role of Chae Rim.
5. Go Hyun Jung as Mi Shil power of Queen Seon Deok
Queen Seon Deok is a historical drama about the first queen in the history of Korea. Queen Seon Deok character played by Lee Yo Won is the lead role. But when the film aired, all the attention were drawn into the role of Mi Shil cunning woman, a woman just clever and good at martial arts, a compact handle the court.
Mi Shil convincing character to the point just mentioned is Queen Seon Deok admiring audience praised the acting of Go Hyun Jung as Mi Shil evil women.
His role as the evil woman, Go Hyun Jung revive his career after years away from the entertainment, defeating Kim Nam Joo rivals to win the grand prize Daesang in MBC Acting Awards in 2009.


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