Friday, June 15, 2012

A stay in Hanoi his practice to prepare for the finale "universal dance step," the singer "Lust pink lips" faced with a multitude of hard, difficult.

Because not want to spend too much time in conversation moved from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City and vice versa, while only a few days to practice, Minh Hang decided to stay in the capital on the night semifinal. This is a big challenge for her. No choreographers such assistance to know many people in Hanoi, baby pigs and ê-team had to run around to find the guide.
In addition, because the negative effects of selected dances of Egypt - a completely new challenge for Minh Hang, who should she need more detailed instructions and meticulous. Egyptian dance requires people to mature belly dance movements that never set over Minh Hang this category should never be in the first session, she felt extremely hard, struggling. However, little pig itself was self-motivated myself to try more than just one night only to present.
Atanas - you jump of Minh Hang - she is somewhat more flexible. During rehearsals, he teased her constantly Heo: "I'm better than you" (I'm better than you and it) made her the more she urged herself to practice ...
Minh Hang fresh set on the floor.
The first time she learned belly dancing should be your guide very meticulous ...
... But the hips, causing her to shake her belly more quickly tired and painful ...
Sometimes it hurts, baby pig can not stand upright. She said this time often feels pain in the left ribs. You jump Members of the School is Elena was advised by a CT scan soon to see if the injured party. Elena is in itself also faced with similar wounds.
However, Minh Hang quick to mobilize ourselves to stand up to continue the practice.
Meanwhile, Atanas also very diligent practice under the guidance of coaches.
He admitted that he is smarter Minh Hang plastic and more.
To coach each activity seen in the waist and abdomen, Atanas has rolled up pants makes pulling Minh Hang compression can not laugh when you see the form of dance.
With Egyptian dance, Minh Hang on a lot of attention to small details.
Also tune freestyle, each contestant has a choice dance. Currently, Minh Hang and you jump Atanas "research" rumba. But certainly the last minute, they will bring the audience more pleasant surprises.


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