Friday, June 15, 2012

(iSovann) - While the confrontation between the tycoon Donald Trump and his beautiful Pennsylvania - Sheena Monnin - but not over others, a candidate voiced support Monnin.

Sheet of Fox News said, the beautiful anonymity to speak officially confirmed the allegations of the beautiful state of Pennsylvania for the Miss America 2012 is true. As revealed by these students, the beautiful Karina Brez Florida has seen a secret document, name 5 people will be in the top 5 before the finale.
"I met beautiful people backstage Florida looking a very sad and confused. Sad because I thought she did not make the top 15, but then, she has told me the names of four contestants will fall the top 5 "- the beautiful anonymity said.

BTC and candidates are bitter controversy surrounding the outcome of the Miss America 2012
According to beauty, some other candidates of the competition knows this earth-secret: "Brez can not remember the name of the 5th girl because then she was so confused. A few others had heard polished open the top 5 list, and they are disappointed. "

The final night of Miss America 2012 by Miss Universe organization to host ended today 3/6 with a nice victory belongs to the 1.66 m high - Olivia Culpo. Accordingly, Olivia Culpo will represent the United States Miss Universe contest in 2012. Immediately after the contest ended, Sheena Monnin asked to give the title of Miss Pennsylvania contest in protest.

The head of the Miss Universe organization later Donald Trump has spoken out against allegations of Sheena Monnin, and conducted a case against these beautiful people.


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