Monday, November 26, 2012

Instead of using the default music player, users can select a wide range of applications such as Poweramp, Winamp or Cubed.

1. N7Player
N7Player is a creative choice for the powerful smartphone. This application supports multi-touch interface that allows zoom player and beautifully designed in both landscape and portrait mode.
2. Poweramp Music Player
Poweramp is one of the most popular music player now. Not only a combination of fashion interface, rich sound effects, Poweramp also be able to display lyrics. Trial of Poweramp be released for free on Google Play.
3. Winamp
Winamp lacks some advanced features, such as an equalizer, but its ability to manage the music very well. Winamp allows you to sync your music library over Wi-Fi, playback control for applications on your screen, headset controls.
4. Cubed
If you want a music player interface is relatively unusual, select Cubed applications.This application displays songs in the collection, take the shape of a cube. Users can drag left or right to select the particular collection and enjoy.
If you have an account on the online radio site , you can use the music player comes. This is just a basic player types, but users can directly download the music from Last.ft system with high speed.
6. Amazon MP3
Amazon MP3 is not merely a player. It also has the ability to link to Amazon's cloud storage service, which allows you to synchronize your collections on the "cloud", then listen to online.
7. MixZing
MixZing own relatively simple interface, making the eye look a little dull but sound equalizers and filters of this application is not impeccable.
8. Double Twist Player
Double Twist is one of the most practical music applications, provide almost all what you need for a mobile music player. It has the ability to synchronize a new PC, Mac and iTunes list.
9. Holo Music Player
The idea behind this application is to bring Android 4.0 interface on all models runAndroidAs for music, Holo is also fully integrated the basic features, accompanied by some wiget smart home screen and the ability to adjust flexibly even when the lock screen.
10. PlayerPro
PlayerPro property a balanced sound very impressive, look at the content of the music file in folder Classic also supports automatically downloading music on the album.


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