Monday, May 30, 2011

The software costs $ 1,000 were sold on the App Store, even applications also require users to prove their income million can exploit all the features.
iVIP Black : After installation, the user program is called "software millionaires" are entitled to preferential rates for luxury services such as nightclubs, helicopters, VIP room ... However, iVIP companies asking them to prove income on $ 1.5 million.
Control Solo WolfVision Intuition is described as the first application and only helps the user easily control the sound system and online meeting WolfVision Visualizer.
MobiGage NDI is an application to create, edit, and measuring and automated test and manufacturing process chain.
BarMax CA and BarMax NY : The attorney can review the future examinations on iPad if they spent $ 1,000 buying a 1 GB application contains thousands of pages of documents comprising information, hundreds of hours of audio lectures and exercise.
The Alchemist SMS is a software for computing professionals, managers in the metallurgical industry with the ad "may be made ​​of gold because they create solutions to reduce costs reasonable." according to European Security



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