Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Người phụ nữ Trung Quốc mọc sừng dài 20 cmShe has been in China Yanv Doctors Hospital of Beijing Military and successful surgery to remove up to 20 cm long horns on his forehead.
To 20 cm long horns, the curve looks very scary Yanv her forehead.

Woman named Yanv living in Henan Province, was born deaf and dumb. No one will remember the name of the woman is. Local people called her the Yanv (meaning "silent" in Chinese). In early 2008, she found that the left forehead grew a horn and was taken to hospital for surgery. But then about six months, the horn grows back the old place and increasingly larger. Long horns on her head Yanv as villagers are afraid and that she did not dare Yanv also inferior to the street. Finally, she was the doctor at the Military Hospital in Beijing successful surgery to remove the horn.



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