Monday, May 23, 2011

Bé gái thiệt mạng vì bị bố để quên trong xeItaly has a baby girl died after her father to be forgotten in hot cars about 5 hours, because he thought she was sent to the daycare on the way to work. Doctors in the city of Ancona has concluded, a daughter Elena (22 months old) were killed 3 days after the accident. Lucio Petrizzi father, a university lecturer, said he thought that she sent the child home on her way to work on 18 / 5. After I remembered to forget me in the car, he returned and discovered she almost stopped breathing. The father then frantically call an ambulance but doctors could not save the lives of Elena, because her brain was swollen.

Prosecutors are considering to Petrizzi accused him of manslaughter, while the mother Chiara Sciarrini been requesting the authorities of compassion for her husband. Talking to media Italia, this woman said the incident had occurred with her husband and children also can happen to anyone. "I wanted to scream to the whole world know that, my husband asked her how. He was an exemplary father, "she was pregnant 8 months of suffering children said. The tests on the baby's death will be conducted early this week. After Elena's death, her heart and liver were donated to a boy and a girl 2 years old. According to the BBC



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