Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Vụ cướp ngân hàng như trong phimWearing masks and dressed as nuns, two robbers held a gun made a brazen bank robbery as a Hollywood action movie recently.
A robber wearing a mask and wearing nuns were recorded security cameras.

Daily Telegraph reported, this daring robbery took place on Sunday (29 / 5) at the TCF bank in the city of Chicago (USA). According to local police, after control of a female employee, walked into the vault and catch this person full of cash into the bag, the robber did get away on a red 4-door Chevrolet. No one was injured in the robbery.
Vụ cướp ngân hàng như trong phim
What is the name a gun to the head female employees.
Chicago FBI spokesman said the two suspects broke into the bank with clothes and wearing masks of nuns, along with acting as the robber in the film The Town . Behavior of the two robbers were the security cameras back. In the security camera image of the FBI offer, could see the robber holding a gun to the head of a rust female employees.
Vụ cướp ngân hàng như trong phim
Action of the two robbers were described as in the movie The Town .
In recognition of records Palos Heights Police Department, a robber is described as black men, high 1m70, goes black and white sneakers, black gloves and carrying revolvers. Meanwhile, the suspect left is a black woman, 165cm high, black shoes, white gloves and carrying a semiautomatic handgun. Investigations are being both the city Police Department Palos Heights Chicago and the FBI conducted. According to the Vietnam Post and Telecommunications



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