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Bắt được 'trùm của trùm' mafia Italia
Giuseppe Dell'Aquila, a mafia boss in the 30 most wanted prosecution of Italy, was arrested in a dawn raid 25 / 5 near the city of Naples.
Police arrested Dell'Aquila, 39, while hiding in a fortified villa in the town Varcatura, the Naples about 30km north-west.
Giuseppe Dell'Aquila boss supposedly extremely prestigious in the underground.
As boss of the notorious gang Mallardo - Contini Campagnia activities in the region, "occupations" of money laundering Dell'Aquila is obtained from looting, extortion, drug trafficking ... by investing in real estate industry in Lazio. Before the boss, Dell'Aquila known as cold-blooded killer, is believed to have killed about 100 people.
Not only that, Dell'Aquila was an important person in the backstage world mafia, is "public" link rival gangs together.
According to Mr Vittorio Pisani, who commanded the arrest campaign, Dell'Aquila very good cover body parts. "He lived silence, driving old cars, but who is respected among his boss in Naples" - Mr. Pisani said.
Bắt được 'trùm của trùm' mafia Italia
Giuseppe Dell'Aquila arrested after nine years on the run constantly.
Dell'Aquila has repeatedly escaped the police net for the past 9 years. The most spectacular was in August of 2009, Dell'Aquila jump off his luxury yacht is anchored at the Bay of Naples into the sea, escape before heavy siege by police.
Recently, the Italian police made a series of successful crackdown on large-scale crime in Sicily, Lombardy and Liguria regions, a total of 63 arrests and confiscated several names mafia illegal assets worth over 10 million euros.  According to Nguoi Lao Dong



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