Saturday, March 3, 2012

A more optimal choice for those who are hungering for the iPhone is that they can choose for themselves the model is imported in the form of "surf", the advantages of commodities are very cheap, even release by 50% compared to the original price, quality is still as new.

Or instead of running the newer model at a cost of "heaven", you can choose for themselves the less life model as iPhone 3G. iPhone 3G remains a very bold one Apple product. 
What product or the iPhone 3G
Design surface
Design goes beyond time.
Seen from the front, the iPhone 3G is definitely designed with silver metal rim layer thin and delicate. Wide Touch Screen 3.5 "high resolution of 480x320 pixels is always the iPhone advantages compared to other competitors in the market: Large, bright, sharp, vivid colors and smooth touch-sensitive technology and very ... "sensitive".
Wi-Fi, GPS and 3G mobile networks
Ability GPS accuracy.
But 3G is not new to the smartphone market, but make the iPhone 3G is the technology are expected and quite convenient for us. Net surfing speed, sync email ... increased significantly. In CNET Labs tested the network of AT & T, iPhone 3G always reach speeds of 300 to 500 Kbps with maximum speeds of 100 Kbps EDGE 2.5G network is a gigantic improvement. About Wi-Fi, 3G iPhone downloads site and takes only 5-7 seconds, a very respectable speed on current smartphones.
It supports GPS feature GPS, helping you find your way while, determine the exact location or driving.
Send and receive E-mail
The machine is capable of sending and receiving emails excellent.
These can be called a very strong feature of the iPhone, easily set up multiple accounts in one from Yahoo, Gmail, mail companies to easily send and receive mail through automatic speed 3G and Wifi almost " blink. "
Applications from Apple Store
Some Vietnamese applications from Apple Store
The application for the Apple iPhone and other developers to easily download and support through the Apple Store. When opening iTunes Store, you can easily to Apple Store to sort data handy iTunes style.
App Store Apple Store on very large, up to over a million numbers. Rich content that you "should do well there" from Yahoo Messenger, Facebook, multi-language dictionary. Games for the iPhone is extreme if you've played through, including many genres, many ways to play, your reflexes are sensitive, not jerky, slow as other products, especially the "fake Apple"
Of course, in addition to reading the information out, your job is to hold a genuine 3G iPhone in hand and new experiences can clearly see "the benefit of person."
The iPhone 3G is distributed in has 2 levels with the price of 8GB and 16GB respectively 3.7 million and 4.2 million the same machine as the new forms, full genuine accessories including charger and cable PC connectivity, 3.5mm headset with microphone (Please note, the price of genuine accessories is very high, even buy them anywhere also be required to provide genuine quality accessories guarantee the machine is best) . Hardware Warranty renewal failure, your own software lifetime factory warranty.


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