Friday, March 2, 2012

Not necessarily always identify herself in deep colors, new trends in 2012 for the boys as the costumes are very bright colors to bring fresh feeling, love life.

It is also a hint of a model - actress and stylist Phuc Dinh Dang Tuan Manh for young people are wondering before the selection of clothes for spring summer 2012. With the costumes are bright colors, it's the combination of color food ideas with each other is extremely important.

Cardboard - dotted - safety and impressive tone. However, you can also wear a black pants to go along with this type of shirt color.
 With the clothes have more vignetting or ink spills create focal points like this, you should choose to wear with a jeans as simple as possible, avoid the kind of torn jeans too picky or crocheted tassel only.
Three colors white - red - black can skillfully coordinate together.
Images made with the assistance of expert makeup make-up Vogue, Costume My X.



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