Friday, March 2, 2012

Two former employees of the company Costa Cruises has revealed to the public prosecutor is investigating the disaster Concordia that the commander and the crew often use drugs during working hours and also molested female employees on board.

Concordia still lying motionless on the sea
Newspaper La Stampa in Italy on third quoted a former employee worked on the Costa Concordia, said: "The commander and crew frequently drunk. Every time immersed in the party on board, we wonder what will happen if an emergency occurs. "
A nurse named Valentina B Concordia worked on ships under the command of Captain Francesco Schettino, asserting that "the captain often portrayed women as commodities for exchange".
Valentina B revealed: "I find the phenomenon of bribery, drug use and prostitution on board ... Do not assume that I say this against them, I have witnessed firsthand the evils of it."
Disclosure of this nurse came just days after the cocaine testing from hair samples of the master Schettino for positive and his legal representative to request a 2nd test because a Ink confirmed that his client did not drink alcohol or take drugs.
Said nurse worked for Costa in the last 7 months, from January to May 5-2010 10-2009.
Ms. Valentina also confirmed that the crew members were treated as slaves and leave when she had received many warnings.
A former employee of the other named Mary G said: "The crew and the ship commander was lethargic in handling emergency situations. I only work for two months in 2010, but most of the time the personnel on board are just drunk. "
"I was a sailor on board solicited sex at a lunch after he approved the drug. I will soon bring this to court, "said Mary G.
Preliminary hearing concerning Schettino captain will take place on 3/3 in Grosseto
There he Schettino still being investigated after allegations emerged he had changed the route of the ship unreasonably Concordia to perform rites only "hello" to a family on the island of Giglio in January last in when he is holding more than 4,000 lives of other operating and crew.
The ship was lying motionless near the port of Giglio while experts continue to rescue more than 500,000 gallons of oil pumped from the fuel cell.
Costa The company said: "The drugs or alcohol is strictly prohibited with the crew while on board."


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