Friday, March 2, 2012

The nation's investment funds as "mysterious" it will become increasingly large scale. In fact, seven investment funds are less transparent as nearly 50% of total assets of funds worldwide.

Investment fund or investment fund national government - the concept translated from Sovereign Wealth Funds phrase (SWF) - is a state investment fund with assets valued as stocks, bonds, property, metal precious ... Since the financial crisis, the operation of investment funds began endangered. Taking advantage of the financial difficulties of companies in times of crisis, the SWF increasing acquisition of foreign assets.This makes many people fear the government will rely on national investment funds such as arm to penetrate foreign economies. While some do not hesitate to call the fund as "savior".
Concerns related to SWF including two key issues. First, the assets of investment funds is very large, and when a large amount of assets in the hands of anyone they are worrisome, whether it be individuals, banks or government. Second, the SWF is a tool of government investment, while the concern of any government that is not only the profitability but also hides a lot of other strategic interests.
This has led to the birth of the index Linaburg-Maduell transparency, to assess the transparency of national investment of each fund. This index is evaluated based on 10 principles necessary based on the revelations about the history of the fund, investment strategy, and the profit on ordinary standards of morality in which disclosure method investment is required. 10 is the highest point for investment funds "completely transparent".
Below is a list of the 10 largest funds in the world today:
A. National Investment Fund Abu Dhabi (Adia)
Topping the charts is the national investment fund Abu Dhabi, the Emirates Arab unity, was established in 1976 with total assets up to 672 billion. The fund's profits come primarily from the oil industry of the country.However, investment funds of Abu Dhabi royal family is not appreciative of transparency, when only won 5 of 10 points on the transparency index Linaburg - Maduell.
Two. Safety Fund of China (SIC)
Safety Fund was established in 1997 is one of the local branch of the State management of foreign exchange in China. This fund boasts an estimated assets of up to 576.9 billion dollars, backed by foreign reserves of China and invest heavily in shares of the UK. 4/10 is the number of SIC on transparency index.
3. Pension fund investment world government
National Investment Fund of Norway was established in 2006 and has total assets of about USD 560 billion with profits from oil resources of the country. The fund earned 10 points for full transparency index Linaburg - Maduell.
4. Saudi Arabia Monetary Fund (SAMA)
Investment fund under the control of monetary authorities Arab, with total assets of 472.5 billion U.S. dollars and are 4/10 point index transparency.
Five. Investment fund shares of China (CIC)
CIC was established in 2007 and has assets of about 409.6 billion dollars, is obtained from the long-term investment in many areas. The fund gained 8.68% stake in British company Thames Water in January last, 7/10 indicator transparency.
6. Kuwait National Investment Fund (KIA)
The Fund was established in 1953 to exploit the benefits from oil supplies, with assets of 296 billion dollars and won 6/10 points on the transparency index.
7. Hong Kong Investment Funds
This fund assets 293.3 billion and 8/10 score on the index is transparent.
8. Singapore government investment fund (GSIC)
This investment fund assets 247.5 billion and operations in order to increase foreign exchange reserves of the country. The Fund was established in 1981 and has 20 years experience in long-term investment. 6/10 is the point about transparency index for this fund.
9. United Financial of Temasek (Singapore)
Singapore companies have invested USD 175.2 billion assets, was established in 1974 to control the assets before the government and get the full 10 points on the transparency index.
10. Russia's Reserve Fund
National Investment Fund has assets 149.7 billion, was established in 2008, consists of two parts: the reserve fund to aid cost the federal budget and national welfare pension of land water. Managed by the Russian Federation Ministry of Finance and earned 5/10 point of transparency.


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