Saturday, March 3, 2012

Giant boulder fell on car running on the road in a village in France that killed the driver. Continue rolling stones in a house nearby, destroying the house.

Falling rock destroyed cars, as one dead and destroyed homes nearby.

The incident occurred on 5 days 5 hours 15 last afternoon (local time) at Tenay, near Lyon. The driver killed has not yet determined the identity. Stone giants not only destroy a car, causing the death of the driver but also destroyed almost the entire house edge. 
rock falling straight into the car is running, then roll through destroyed house home, the entire wall of the house collapsed near the end. Fortunately, the man in the house tried to escape, only slightly injured. Currently he is being treated and is still in shock. 
landslides often occur in Ain, France. However, accidents just happen to be regarded as the worst in many years, said local police.
The house collapsed stone wall being rolled on.
Landslides occur frequently in Ain but just then the case is considered the worst in recent years.


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