Friday, March 2, 2012

When the beef noodle soup, shrimp cakes, spring rolls in Vietnamese cuisine is so familiar with the Chinese press, the duck eggs staircase - folk snacks that make foreign guests in many ways "chills" the curious to communication country.

Page and when listing the specialties of Vietnam's famous diners to make small "public" salivating, outside Hanoi beef noodle soup, spring rolls or apple fruit, was reminded of dishes eat "- fear - love", it is flipped duck eggs. "Duck eggs upside is considerable cheaper food and to enjoy. Only thing, if you brave enough to sip this item? Duck eggs flipped the will not hatch the eggs, the newly formed embryo.Not picky in the processing, just to the boil then remove the skin to eat ", page described.
Before that, when shared on CNNGo, Anthony Bourdain , a specialist Australian gourmet expressed: "He recognized flipped duck eggs are a culinary experience of their difficulties. Duck eggs can be understood simply flipped the 'fetus' of ducks, as they do not hatch ... sounds scary, but this is the favorite snack of the Vietnamese. reversible duck eggs in a bowl beat neat, add salt, pepper, lemon juice, served with vegetable chips, ginger ... ".
In fact, popular foods are not only nutritious in Vietnam, which is also very popular in other Asian countries, including Korea, Japan, Philippines and Cambodia. As for the Westerners, duck eggs upside still quite unfamiliar. Many people were afraid, dared not hesitate to enjoy when she saw the duckling became fully fledged in the egg. Even the snacks are also brought to challenge the courage of the people at Fear Factor TV show.


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