Thursday, March 1, 2012

After the disastrous earthquake accompanied by tsunami destroyed the reactor at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, Japanese officials had to consider the possible evacuation of Tokyo, though still calling people per static.

It has been nearly a year after double tragedy devastated country cherry blossoms, the lives of Japanese people despite difficulties, has gradually become more stable, but the secrets of time to confront the great disaster has made ​​it startled horror.
When nuclear disaster worst since 25 years occurred in the country of the Rising Sun, it was instilling fear in mankind, especially those living in the country had struck two times atomic bomb. However, it is not from sweat to learn that Japanese officials had evacuated people considering in Tokyo after the disaster occurred.
Tokyo nearly evacuated because radiation from the Fukushima nuclear power plant.
Nearly a year after the great disaster, the report is summarized based on hundreds of interviews with policy makers, managers, factory workers ... helped clarify questions about the reaction of government immediately after the disaster.
And the most terrifying thing that the report reveals is that the authorities prepare relocation plans in Tokyo, influenced by fear of radiation while still committed to the tens of millions of people that things are still in control. In the report, officials interviewed revealed that they struggled with the possibility of "chain reaction of evil", if the Fukushima plant was destroyed and the radioactivity released from the reactor applications will force them to carry out an evacuation of the urban world's most populous city of Tokyo.
That is terrible beyond imagination as the city most colorful in the world, home to nearly 40 million people into a giant urban ghost. And what will come when the crowds that flock together while leaving the capital infrastructure of the city such as airports, railways were closed because of the disaster. The roads leading into the city are congested lanes while going more than the world. And also the way it will be nearly 40 million civilians to evacuate if the nuclear disaster strikes. On 11/3 is an extremely difficult day but what it entails is the real nightmare not only in Tokyo.
However, the Japanese government has decided not to notice what the Japanese are faced with people through the mass media to prevent panic. That is considered wise power plant disaster in Fukushima activities are controlled. In addition, the report also shows the efforts of former Prime Minister Naoto Kan, who resigned last year because of the criticism in dealing with the tsunami, when he asked TEPCO continues to cling power plant Fukushima nuclear to resolve the situation.
The report said, TEPCO plans to withdraw all personnel from Fukushima, the move may cause plant damage completely, but has been in the executive office of Tokyo Electric Company, Kan has requested workers are forced to cling. Accordingly, the group Fukushima 50 has been established for its employees on the dose of radiation to control the melting of the fuel rods. They are honored as heroes of Japan and also help the world who do not have to witness the second Chernobyl Cherry Paradise flower.


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