Friday, March 2, 2012

Most impressive of these is the concept of "IFAN" creation is no stroke iPad screen, can connect to the "two in one 'with other iPad by NFC.

On 28/2, Apple has officially sent invitations to the press, confirmed that the new iPad will be released on 7/3 to. However, the shape and specific parameters of this product is still a mystery.
Most of the recent rumors have said that the new iPad will be equipped with Retina screen resolution of 2048 x 1568 pixels, some other hardware improvements and possibly LTE 4G connectivity. Meanwhile, in terms of design, this device may not be much different from the "predecessor" iPad 2.
While waiting on the launch of this product, and point out some concept in iPad 3, is drawn up by the imagination of the faithful "apple defects."
This video posted on YouTube by Aatma Studio, right on 28/2 - on Apple sent invitations to attend the event to introduce iPad 3. The iPad 3 design concept possession edge-to-edge (borderless) beautiful with the ability to connect using magnetic fields (like the iPad 2 with smart cover) and near-field technology to communicate with one another for the iPad larger display.
 This concept emerged in December last year, inspired by the MacBook. It can be seen, the interface of the computer display is placed horizontally through the Home button placement and camera before.
 Mac Magezine launched the concept of a borderless screen iPad 3, when you heard the rumors about the appearance of the iPad 3D without glasses.
 Perhaps it is rather long, new users have the opportunity to witness during an iPad, beautiful as in this picture. Adney Dakota has posted the video on the new iPad month 5/2011 with a dream like configuration weighs only 18 grams, 16 GB storage, 10 hour battery and 3G support.
 No more rounded edges, the iPad 3 are said to be inspired by the iPhone 4, with a square design and ultra slim design.
 Still a super slim design of the imagination of a teenage boy named Belgian Vanhauwere Robrecht.
 This concept does not make a strong impression in addition to the screen edges as opposed to remaining competitive.
 iPad Touch with iPen pen and a wireless keyboard. The author of this concept, a senior editor of CNET said, this actually is not the iPad 3 which is a new iDevice which he hopes will have the opportunity to witness.
 In addition to cutting edge design is somewhat better, this concept does not have many differences compared with iPad 2.


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