Friday, March 2, 2012

Financial magazine Forbes (USA) recently published a list of top 10 countries and territories world's richest in 2012, based on per capita GDP data are taken from 182 countries, territories and Fund IMF International Monetary supply.

Spot this year belonged to Qatar, which has natural gas reserves of the third largest world population reached 1.7 million people and GDP / person / year is approximately $ 88,222
Second place belongs to Luxembourg, one of the European countries have very strong potential for trade, banking, insurance, chemicals, rubber, steel and food production, achieved GDP / person / approximately $ 81,466 in
Island nation of Singapore, one of the "Asian dragons" strong development of the industry, industry and finance, ranked third, with GDP / person / year is about $ 56,694
Fourth place belongs to the "cold country where wealth" is located in Northern Europe - Norway country with the GDP / person / year is about $ 51,959
It is one of the countries benefiting from oil, Brunei ranked in fifth place with the GDP / person / year is about $ 48,333
Arab Emirates uniform (UAE) ranked No. 6 with GDP / person / year is about $ 47,439
U.S. slipped from sixth place in the ranking of Forbes in 2011 to seventh place this year with the GDP / person / year is about $ 46,860
 Hong Kong (China) is famous for the financial center, the international port "landing" at number eight, with GDP / person / year is about $ 45,944

Is considered the "promised land" of investors, Switzerland ranked ninth with GDP / person / year $ 41,950
Closing the top 10 in the Netherlands with the GDP / person / year is about $ 40,973


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