Friday, March 2, 2012

In 2011, the village welcomed enthusiastically Mobile smartphones "bomb attack" came from many different brands. Therefore, the system becomes a dual-core CPU benchmark is important to assess the strength of a cricket.

The strength of dual-core processor on the phone that can add more features to handle multitasking and video performance - two features are increasingly interested in the smartphone.
 A4GS-3G smartphones like iPhone 4S to 99%
Smartphone've stepped through the period of the processor speed of humility, and is "clearly marked" on "machine" dual-core processor speed powerful, from 1 GHz - 1.5 GHz. Smartphone's camera does not stop at so-called "capable of shooting," but the best camera on the camera phone "crisis" has made even the most camera for travel becomes redundant pregnant.
A4GS-3G design of border around stainless steel high
Following the development of new technologies, mobile phones with integrated 3G functionality is the most abundant group of devices on the market today and also created the tireless race between manufacturers generate phone bringing together the "bosses" such as Apple, Nokia, Blackberry, Samsung, LG ...
Benefit from this race, today's customers are also popular in Vietnam can own the phones are cheap but still incorporate the latest features. Since then, the concept gradually remove only the wealthy have access to the world of modern information technology.
Thanks to 3G mobile phones in addition to the conversation and send messages, it can help users connect to the internet wherever you like reading newspapers, listening to music, watch movies, watch TV online, photography, film ... easy. 3G mobile communications standard broadband 3rd generation IMT-2000 framework of the ITU (International Telecommunication Union). The 3G technology will support data transfer mobile wireless broadband, and this is the main difference between 3G and 2G generations.
A4GS-3G uses the Android OS 2.3.4 with a graphical interface like the iPhone 4S.
A4GS smartphone-3G is carrying the full range of essential connections: Bluetooth, WiFi, high-speed 3G connectivity, GPS ... GPS touch screen 3.5-inch capacitive multi-touch capacitive touch screen, HVGA PX: 320 * 480, 5.0 megapixel.Chac amera will definitely help you to not be outdated the middle of a technological society constantly growing. Besides, in terms of performance, the machine uses microprocessors l attention MTK 6573 (650MHz + ARM 11-AMR116-507MHz) dual core clock runs at 1GHz, with 512MB of RAM, enough for web tasks such as reading, view photos, check mail and view office documents like Word, Excel, play the 3D game "crisis" such as Need For Speed ​​hot pursuit, Pes 2012 ...
SaigonHKphone motto always give consumers "the most perfect choice, the cheapest" and at just 4.15 million contract, a bundled 8GB memory card worth $ 250,000, sheet pasting anti-fingerprint screen 80,000 copper, along with the promotion of genuine 14 month warranty, maybe this product will satisfy even the most demanding customers.


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