Thursday, March 1, 2012

Yachts stuck outside the Indian Ocean, Costa Allegra, has just landed the Seychelles, after 3 days at sea because it lost power.

Costa Allegra ship has docked in the Seychelles islands today, after 3 days up at sea.
According to BBC , the evacuation of more than 1,000 passengers on board and just started this process expected to take place for several hours. The ship lost power last Monday in the fleet with Costa Concordia ship crashed in January and 32 people died.
One passenger described his experience has gone through a difficult period. "We had to sleep on deck because there is no air conditioning, while the cabin smelled the stench because the toilet does not drain," said Alena MILES, 62, a passenger told the Belgian news agency AFP .
After the ship docked the Seychelles, officials struggled to arrange accommodation for the passengers because many hotels are fully booked by the islands are preparing for a Carnival. According to the operating company Costa Cruises, more than half the passengers on board Costa Allegra still on the Seychelles Islands to continue their vacation. The rest will fly to Rome on 3 aircraft leasing company Costa Cruises to bring them home today and tomorrow. In addition, passengers will be weakest priority boarding first.
The passengers on the Costa Allegra cruise just spent 3 days on board without electricity, hot water, air conditioning and supplies provided by helicopter. Most passengers on deck to find some cool air by hot weather.


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