Saturday, March 3, 2012

She does not hesitate to share the work he does not have any time visiting the beautiful scenery in New York for any hectic schedule: "The hour is to New York but has only seen the new Lan Statue of Liberty only remotely. "

Amid a "vortex" of public opinion on whether to actually participate in New York Fashion Show or not, runners Next Top Model 2010 is still very confident and comfortable interview. She did not dodge the grounds that "no comment" as many stars fall into a similar situation. And although busy English schedule, calendar photograph ... laughter from the packed snow, but Lan still throbs throughout the conversation.
Just returned from a long trip, you and Hoang Thuy faced with a myriad of rumors do not really participate in New York Fashion Week. Tuyet Lan you ever think public opinion is too harsh for you?
- To tell the truth when about to Vietnam, Thailand had the time to read through the information about you and Thuy New York to perform. In New York, Lan does not have time to read and look over the course of this incident so surprising to know well and feel pretty complicated.
But then, Lan feel it is important that they have a chance to stride on the international catwalk and the enjoyable experience of modeling. When you step on the catwalk that Lan felt proud Vietnam are also other things are not really important.
If only 5 words to assess the trip to New York just then, Lan choose which words?
- Professional, impressive, proud, busy and ... lack of sleep (laughs)! The time zone difference is really a difficult thing. But besides that, the weather barrier also influences health very much. As the calendar day is from dawn until dark.
Has to be known as New York but Lan only see the Statue of Liberty only remotely. Never mind, the professionalism of the crew along with foreign performances are held in churches quite spectacular, in the big hotels in the U.S. as a model that Thailand Vietnam feel very proud .
The first thing you do while in New York is what?
- It is going to meet and casting, fitting for designer Korto Momolu. Lest so Lan and Thuy late to turn out pretty early but when they arrived, everyone who is not present at all. Right on time appointments, new people are present adequate winter.
They saw the portfolio of skills and see the show. Fortunately, everyone is satisfied and both Finland and Sweden are selected for the show.
When in Vietnam, Thailand do first?
- It's bedtime. Back to Vietnam has more than 23 o'clock at night. Furthermore, after the long flight to Thailand for a bit tired and rest days to recover their strength before starting a new job.
You can find out information on New York Fashion Week before the road?
- Preparation time for this trip, but just over a week before the time of busy Lan also should not have the opportunity to find out information. Just know it's a major fashion event that any model which also wished to attend.
Do you know about the designers that you participated?
- Lan can find out a brief information of the two designers of their choice but not much because there is no time for this. But then the designers, they came to watch his show and saw fit to hold events and decisions involved casting. Lan just know that many designers that each outfit they make no small value.
How would you rate the design of the BST that you participate in the presentation time in the U.S.?
- Duties of a model is demonstrated and shown to be most intent of the designers. And Lan focus their assigned costumes and try to show the best possible. Actually, there is no chance to check out all the costumes because you know, the scenes are always messy and never enough time for everything.
- After a relatively quiet year since the Vietnam's Next Top Model competition in 2010, recently, the name Tuyet Lan is the "coverage" quite thick in the press as well as fashion shows. What you plan to continue lancer his name in the future?
- Plan your next Tuyet Lan will work in more overseas markets. There will be some time away from Vietnam but allowed Finland to be revealed this time, when everything goes right and appropriate time Nhe Lan will talk more!
Recently, many models, actors ... want to try nude photography. That's a pretty well known trendsetters. Tuyet Lan does not intend to try?
- Indeed Lan does not intend for this.
If you receive an offer in exchange love, freedom, personal life ... to fame in the blink of an eye, do you dare? 
- Finland will be away from family and friends a time to focus on career development of their professional models, so-called trade-offs can not? No matter how far away or anywhere in Thailand still want to work hard and play as well as exchange of knowledge and modeling skills. Lan said the geographical distance can not prevent the interest of Finland for loved ones in your life and vice versa.
Currently, many young workers willing to follow this recommendation. You think that's wise decision or extravagant?
- Wise or foolish depending on the outlook of those involved. Finland is not in this case should have hardly the most objective perspective.
After the ups and downs in his career, you have any advice for young girls who dream of holding pattern?
- If you really have a passion to please keep trying because it is your life, no one can change lives and make decisions you are. But remember to find a really good start because it will help your dream of flying farther.


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