Friday, March 2, 2012

Modern beauty, she is sexy Japanese netizens "say like that."

Asuka Tachikawa, women council members Niiza, Saitama, Japan is "well as alcohol" for possessing super-standard body and perfect face.
The triumph of these beauties in the first 26 City Council election is past surprise for officials Saitama.Although no political experience, but the campaigning efforts of Asuka Tachikawa official helped her become a new member of the City Council.
In an interview with Japanese media, Asuka share, from year three, she had to live in orphanages. During high school, far look "dusty" dissipated with golden hair, short skirts, heavy makeup when going to school, pretty girls still kept learning and passed a college locally. Learning, Asuka just hard to do more, to accumulate money to make American dream to study abroad.
After returning to Japan, the young girl got into modeling career. Asuka is also involved recording and filming the ad. In 2008, she married and had a beautiful child. The names of these beauties are widely known after she was elected to the City Council Niiza. Modern beauty, she is sexy Japanese netizens "say like that."
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