Friday, March 2, 2012

On March issue of Interview, fans can see a whole different Katy Perry, charming and life story of singer "Teenage Dream".

Cotton ruffled hair, eyes makeup colors, pictures of Katy Perry on the cover of Interview Tips & fans remember her picture late singer Katy Perry Amy Winehouse rather than always full of life in the fun song .
But Katy Perry is still a fascination with death.
2 is the third child of a couple of pastors, Perry grew up surrounded by his parents away from the influence of secular culture. She grew up in a world without MTV, not Madonna.
"Even I was not allowed to mention the name Madonna. I think my parents and their belief system, I would have thought Madonna would be terrible influence" - Katy Perry share.
"My family know the difference. But that does not mean I do not respect them. I'm still interested and caring people in the house. I always wanted to have enough to ensure full life for the members family. I grew up without much, so I can take care of family and friends at this time is really a success "- the singer that got away Someone told .
"I think trying to make a successful recording is stupid. Maybe it's time to do something different, something that can not be compared" - Katy Perry share the concept employed.
After the jaunt to the movies - the voice of the Smurfs and there is a brief appearance in Get Him to the Greek , Katy Perry admits she wants more new opportunities for the 7th art.



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