Thursday, March 1, 2012

The rock weighs 340 tons is being moved over distances up to 170km to a museum in Los Angeles, with a projected cost of $ 10 million. This is the largest stone moved since the Egyptians built the pyramids.

The engineers are shipping a solid rock on a particular system has a length of three football fields. It will move it continuously for 11 nights, over 170km long way from the quarry to the Art Museum of Los Angeles Country. The rock is expected to be part of Levitated Mass works by artist Michael Heizer design.
Huge rocks being moved.
Heizer conceived the project in 1968, but could not find appropriate to put the stone on the right side of the work. Then he discovered a stone with tears inside Jururpa Valley, east Los Angeles. Rocks immediately selected, and a special system has been designed to transport rocks.
The engine is mounted on the bogie two floors with a width of 10 meters. It is designed wheels 196, mounted on shaft 44, the machine can help move the huge stone blocks. Expected, the machine will be active at night, with speeds reaching 13 km / h. The whole system moving rocks electrically operated and diesel are available from the equipment on 20 vehicles included. 60 workers will walk to the monitor fleet activities, while the rock is encased in a protective transparent layer of paper.
To prepare for the journey, managers had to take four years to permit the machine to go through the city on its schedule. The museum director Michael Govan says humor, the Egyptians did not have rubber tires and diesel engines to move the rocks, but they did not have 22 cities to wait for permission to pass through.
As for work Levitated Mass, visitors to the Museum will walk under the rocks that feel like they are floating on top.


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