Thursday, March 1, 2012

To protect themselves against the "demon sex", they think like way, thousands of anti-rape type singularity.

Shower against "goat neighbors"
Shower with LED lights.
This type of shower LED light built specifically for Chinese women find in the night meeting. If attacked, you just need to quickly tap is projected against the intense light is about the "love green beard", which he immediately fell into a state of temporary blindness and can not be operated out of your way.
Virginity knickers
Pants preserve virginity chip is designed pretty tone metal belt momentum.
A fashion company of South Korea equally creative when the "oven" series chip protects virginity pants for women and men in 11/2004. Over the course of this pants are sure to help both parties avoid the risk of sexual assault surprise. Even women's garments also have belt buckle and a metal lock sophisticatedly decorated, beautiful.
"The chest"
Taste for "the chest" in Cameroon.
In Cameroon the country, up 6 girls become the main object of the display "is the chest" this horror. The mothers in fear because after "love green beard" his son went stalking around heated stones, knives or iron bars, then go close to the chest while the girl's flat. This is a long tradition in this African country. With parents, "the chest" would seem to reduce blooming daughter's body, cause a child to early onset of puberty and not become a target chasing "Goat neighbors". "I do not want their children caught in the tragedy of unwanted pregnancy," explained one woman.
Skirts against "love green beard"
Afternoon dress unique transformation against rape in Japan.
In May / 2010, Aya Tsukioka, a Japanese designer has launched this unique dress, help women cavalier defenses against the "demon lust." The dress is exactly the external appearance mobile vending machines.Designers hope, with this unique style camouflage, the girls will not be harassed when out at night. Once dressed, the costume looks pretty simple with a white shirt, black jacket and red skirt legs. But when low variable, just a few simple movements, dress will automatically become a mobile vending machine.
Ax against sex attacker
Condoms shaped gear inside will help you punish "goat neighbors".
This is the calling of a special kind of condom are many South African women to use. In April / 2010, Dr. Sonnet Ehlers has published useful objects, providing fun for women. A special feature of this condom is structured as forms on the inside wheel. When "love green beard" upped the ante, it will hold on to "your", though no injury, bleeding, but will create acute pain minds comprehend. Only a specialist should be qualified to remove the "ax" is.
Rings have thorns
"My beard green" will be appalled if attacked by the ring girls.
Jewelry helps women self defense? It sounds like fiction, but it is extremely unique product of Dutch designer Zelda. The sharp thorns on the trunk ring will become an effective weapon attacks when the wearer was raped. For added beauty, Zelda has designed body with enough room type ring shape, simulate animals, plants, even the buildings architecture, as long as you do not miss the most important details - the thorn .
Self-defense classes for older girls
An elderly woman taiKorogocho are actively practicing self defense movements.
In Korogocho slum known, the capital, Nairobi, Kenya have training and self-defense skills for older women.The purpose of this special class is a guide for women find ways of dealing with criminals rape takes the humanity. According to statistics, up to one fifth of rape victims in this country are women over 60.
Bra body armor
Corsets many women self defense is preferred.
In essence, this is the kind of product design similar to the prickly ring of the Netherlands. On the bra has been added to the tip weapons are "counter-attack" very strong. When touched, the bra will immediately take effect, causing physiological trauma to the name "goat neighbors". Also within a protective effect against bumps, this shirt has long become a "security context" helps you easily deal with sexual assault victims.
High heels "for help"
High heels can add GPS positioning.
May / 2009, the international fashion market to receive high heels product very special. On each pair of shoes are fitted with GPS satellite positioning. It can emit cries promptly to police when the employer was sexually assaulted.


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