Thursday, March 1, 2012

Windows 7 is designed to help users get the most benefit from the computer, allowing experience with high reliability, operational process faster and easier.

From locate documents or multimedia files stored on your computer to surf the Web, Windows 7 are processed faster and easier, while keeping the original expression of the new features.
The features that Windows 7 brings to the user includes the perfect desktop, smart looking, easy to share through Homegroup. In addition, copyrights help Windows 7 wireless connection quickly, along with all equipment, Media streaming support, Internet Explorer 9, Windows Live and warned not to bother.
Computers pre-installed Windows 7 computer license will run stable, improving performance and high security are regularly updated when the latest software. In addition the machine is installed free office suite Microsoft Office Starter help user convenience in handling the paperwork, office.
In Vietnam, Microsoft recently conducted in collaboration with production companies and computer dealers such as HP, Sony, Tran Anh, Phuc Anh ... sells a laptop pre-installed Windows 7 operating system license.With laptops preinstalled operating system Microsoft's copyright, users will receive more than 600,000 wireless mouse.


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