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"I learned how" to "A-Then without loss. Still satisfy the needs for love that is not afraid to stick "- the secret is your little boy with teen counselors billion cells.

 Teen sex unpredictable disguises (GUIs - internet source)
Piece of dialogue has been Dr. Vu Minh Phuong shared that startled many people about his mastery experience "the room" of a 9x.
Having worked for many clinics, counseling centers reproductive health youth - adolescents and is the Deputy Head of Nursing Department of the Hanoi Medical University, Dr. Phuong has revealed very interesting about actual underage sex.
Cultural silence
We all talk about sex, are expected to take measures to prevent and combat threats to teens from sex. But what is sex? Sexual behavior is the behavior?
"Sex is a basic need of man. Parents who can not, nor prohibited by the young find sex. That is obvious. "- Dr. Phuong said.
Because it is natural needs should not be banned. But Vietnam still hold cultural issues is to have sex with each other implicitly. Do young adults think so it is difficult to do otherwise. And young people to dig around, find out by the unorthodox way .
People still think of sex as sexual penetration but young people today, in other forms, they can still satisfy their sexual needs.
Dr. Vu Minh Phuong in a workshop on HIV prevention for youth and adolescents by international aid organizations last month 2/2012
The doctor consultation reproductive still feel lucky to know the teens are looking to him to ask, to be attributed. Because in the process of working, learning has caught the shocking questions from students who also was in college: "Kiss the trot into her male semen or secretions of women, then you have gastrointestinal disease not. "
Through conversation, Dr. Phuong realized that young people today has shifted from sex to the relationship of sexual behavior: "One friend told me that now I have mastered and then sex . I still satisfy my need for love that is not afraid to stick. "
As a familiar object's counseling center, I joked: "It pediatric liver, to the 4th year and still keep, not" for "Well?" She said: "None. Do not play, "for" loss ". Saying her boyfriend was impressed Phoenix doctor.
Currently, many boyfriends concept "for the loss" should find ways to make rather special relationship "non-intrusive." Although young people still think that "love without sex, it was opposite sex friendship" but turned sex into "cultural silence" for themselves "creative" ways relational dimension unfair , sometimes eccentric and be harmful to themselves.
So why teen sex despite all kinds of measures to prevent, avoid and ban went so awry?
Some would argue that by "cultural silence" - the unwritten rules that the youth of this fear, dare not openly referring to adults to address these concerns. Instead, you are still bound by the concept Eastern culture, the cycle of the girl should not dare to cross the wall. But teens themselves do not find a way to control high sexual needs, making sexually healthy teen become dead end, to prowl in "silent".
Casual sex
Teen sex is usually spontaneous, with no advance preparation
Technically, Dr. Phuong said: "Age is the age at which minors physiological changes, even scientists have known of this age is the age of mental illness. In adolescence, reproductive hormone started, it acts on emotion and not enough at this age experience to control his feelings. They do not pass floating sexual feelings and sexual needs. Therefore, sex of adolescent and adolescent as "casual sex."
Because views on youth sexuality is now relatively clear, the mass media also strive to propagate, so most young people to equip themselves with little more knowledge about reproductive health and safe sex.However, the fact that "The rate of unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted HIV infection among young people remains high."
The answer to this question, Dr. Phuong explains: "When I asked the teens why that is not safe sex will be able to get into trouble like it they answer very well. Basic knowledge they already know but there are many reasons why children are not safe sex villa and is one of the main and major reason is that teen sex is a "casual", not to be unprepared. Also there are some children who love me for that then why not wear a condom, the problem of both parties feeling when using safety measures ... "
In conclusion, Dr. Vu Minh Phuong made recommendations that the only way is to frankly and openly in sexual propagation. Instead of prohibition, teens should be taught about safe sex measures. Through the process of perception, itself you will recognize what is good, what is bad for the selection and self accountable to yourself.


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