Friday, March 2, 2012

The bright colors combine to bring you not only sharp looking young and fresh, but also contributes to the garden adorned in spring bloom.

The colors alike can combine together to create a beautiful outfit, harmony, just select a dark color and a lighter tone, or a different color shades.However, to dress more prominent, you should be added a tone not of the same accessories as belts, necklaces ....
Pencil skirts are not necessary at select dark colors like convention. You can choose the dresses look really outstanding colors or textures in the "fun" as the flowers, leopard. Combined pencil skirt with a shirt, a pair of high heel shoes that you have just a nice office outfit
+ Shorts sweaters or streetscape character for the opportunity to play
Shorts + long-sleeved shirt is a style quite comfortable and dynamic
Light-colored jeans + shirt + cardigan, an elegant style, young for her work.You can combine more accessories, such as wearing a long chain where the collar, appears to be "style" is much


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