Wednesday, February 15, 2012

English Song Dong, a Chinese artist, has exhibition items removed that his mother had kept in the family for over 50 years, such as toothpaste boxes, chairs, old shoes ...

Song Dong and things that your mom in the family collection for 50 years.
Exhibition of artist Song Dong is on display at the Curve Gallery (UK). 10,000 old discarded items that shows the link between family members, and help viewers imagine a life of his family and society in each period.
The years after the war, his family Song Dong keep all the items which should be thrown in the garbage to prevent the need to use them in the future, such as TV, pots, water bottles, toys, old clothes ...
Mother of Song Dong Zhao Xiangyuan she died in 2009. Previously, she lives in a room with 2 bedrooms in Beijing, then she suffered from depression after the death of his father in 2002. Since then, she collected many more old furniture in the home.
English Song Dong said: "I understand my mother. She wanted to cover the gaps by collecting furniture in the house after the death of my father. "
The old objects of her family gathered to Song Dong.
Toys are also kept careful mother.
TV, books.
These units also collected bottles back.
The toothpaste tubes of the family was exhausted.
Pot, pots, pans, cutting boards along the years.
Shoes, old clothes of family members.


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