Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A pilot used the intercom system on the plane to send birthday greetings to mother of his colleagues are sitting on the flight that day, but render the passengers panicked when they thought he said a bomb on board.

An aircraft of the airline Southwest Airlines.
According to the Telegraph , the pilot of Southwest Airlines is an air traffic control staff offered to send birthday greetings to his mother, as she sat with the pilot on the flight from Baltimore, Maryland to MacArthur Airport , New York last Friday.
Utilize communication system on the plane, the pilot informed the passengers that the plane is there a mother (mom on board). However, many passengers did not hear and think that the pilot said there was "a bomb on board" (bomb on board).
So many passengers panicked, suggest the crew members to clarify what the pilot said. Then they completely guaranteed when no bomb on board. The pilot must use the intercom to explain his statement.
However, some passengers still feel frustrated and have complained to authorities about the incident just then.Responding to complaints by passengers, Brandi King, Southwest Airlines spokesman, said: "The pilot made misleading notice, but he confirmed with the passengers that they are greeting students Sunday a mother on a plane ".
In a recent report, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said: "Sometimes pilots and air traffic control staff using the intercom to greet the aircraft very briefly. If such conversations off limits, the air traffic control will be prompted to restrict communication unnecessary. "
Besides, the FAA also has the suggestion of checking the air traffic control, while the pilot is not being investigated, after notice of the incident to authorities.


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